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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Photography and Digital Art Museum, Moya

I was right when I said in my last article that the artiste, Moya has an affinity for Pinocchio. In this section of his museum there are lovely wooden dolls pictured in almost all of the digital photographs.

Then you round a corner and there Moya is pictured with Mickey Mouse! The digital photos have pictures within pictures so take your time and enjoy the twist that this artiste has put into his work!

There are portals in the walls that you need to know about in this museum. If you take a picture of from where you are standing outwards and then zoom out the hole and take another picture and them line them up side-by-side you will have your own zany, contemporary photographs to share with your friends. Enjoy mine on my Facebook album!

The statuary that look like it is moving, but when you walk into it, it's a phantom script that moves in a pre-designed way.

On the ground level are abstracts that are surprisingly soothing and opens my mind to wonder of creativity. It inspires me to be more; encourages me to keep my imagination, imaging the impossible and then make the impossible come true!

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