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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Artis Gallery Part 3: Pixel Gallery

Moving pixels are a signature art form found in Second Life, those of us who don't know how to make them are intrigued by them and when used for art are low prim and absolutely beautiful! The opening room in the Pixel Gallery features "Primordial Cocktail" and true to this form of art you can walk right through it!

There are three artiste's featured in this gallery the artiste on the first level is Eliza Quinzet who also has sculptures in the next room. My personal favorite is the "Time in a Bottle," which represents the evolution of life.

Ms. Quinzet says that her art is "influenced by the works of Louis Comfort Tiffany, Gustav Klimt, Marc Chagall and the estimable Pablo Picasso."

On the second level features Maryva Mayo who did the work on the kaleidoscope in the Sculpture Garden and there are two points to teleport to enjoy the real big scope in the Garden! If you are looking for unusual artwork for the walls of your private home or work the animated artwork here is a great find, some move slightly, some not so much, but her real masterpieces are in the back room and are the miniature kaleidoscopes in a wall picture, they move and spiral and are absolutely a treat!

On the third level of this gallery is the artwork of Fiona Leitner. Her artwork looks like mosaic upon first glance then you stare at it and you notice that it's really digital artwork on canvasses. Others look like stained-glass that you would find in a old-world, real life church. The intricate work is amazing. Fiona says that lots of her artwork is layered in Photoshop until she is pleased with the outcome!

The Pixel Gallery is a real interesting place to visit and represents Second Life artwork very well. Join me for Artis Gallery Part 4: Center for Inworld Photography!

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