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Sunday, November 23, 2008

NEW Home and Look for Museum

Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery has been in the process of moving for sometime, however, the Museum is finally sorted out and the new building and landscaping is residing at her new home.

The Museum truly lives up to its name now, Elven Enchantment. The building and grounds are imbued with magic of the owner and its resident magical creatures, dragons, unicorns, leopards, pixies, fireflies, and rainbow.

There is a magical pavilion where foxes, squirrels, and peacocks play! The trees are also mystical some Elven in origin and some simply magical! Once again, the landscaping would be impossible without the magical, deft creations of Julia Hathor.

Prominently featured on the grounds and air around the museum is the magical dragons. There are baby dragons, some flying, others drinking tea, and still others playing in the water fountains, they are all kept an eye on by their Mother.

The landscaping kept to its original theme, which honors the Elven Imperial Symbol of Atlantis's race: Water, Air, Wind, Fire, and the Elementals.

The Museum is now a brick building and it only has two floor, but we now have teleporters! No more stairs!

The Museum reopened on October 30, 2008, the building is dedicated to Patron Papo Lungu, who built the building and donated it to the Museum.

Currently on display on the first level of the Museum is artwork from the creators of "Dark Delights." These are 100 percent adult pictures of humans, subs, centaurs, pixies, elves, and much more. Please use discretion when viewing this layout.

The second floor is dedicated to the real life Masters and the Art Gallery are in the four corners. The Museum will be continuing to promote Second Life artistes (As soon as the Curator's Real Life settles a bit more!)

There will be short temporary walls on the second floor of the Museum when we have art shows. It is my hope to have another art show in the new year, begin 2009 in a wonderful way.

Elven Enchantment sits on the Isle of Atlantis, floating above the sim in a world of its own. If you visit the House of Lords their teleporter's are connected to the Museum and you can teleport to the Museum.

The grounds are a great place for you to bring your friends, if you want to impress your partner, with a romantic evening! The sim is set to eternal night, so the romance of the gardens of the Museum are always there.

Elven Enchantment is truly an enchanted place to come and visit whether you love artwork or the artwork that is Second Life!

Come and enjoy, visit with the Curator, or stoll around with your loved one(s).