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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Spiral Art Gallery

The Spiral Art Gallery is a great example of the most dynamic fractal art gallery in Second Life. Spiral Silverstar's fractal art has evolved in Second Life over the years. From enchanting fractal eggs of 2007 to the fractal mirrors of 2013, from the static fractal art to kinetic fractal art; the moving images at this gallery draws you in fascinates the mind and tricks the eyes.

The Moon and Muses is enchanting with twinkling stars, moons and the vast ocean of space behind, daring the viewer to believe in something bigger than themselves. These fractals are magical, enticing, and enchanting. Another enchanting piece is Love. At first one thinks this cannot be about love until one sees the heart of the fractal pieces woven into the artwork. This piece starts with the heart and spirals out in pink and gold.

This art gallery is decorated in subdued tones lending a peaceful surroundings to view the artwork and to contemplate the meaning of the pieces to the viewer.

This artwork is not to be missed!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Surrealism and Petite Enchantment

Museum of Surrealism
The Museum of Surrealism honors Salvador Dali's vision of the inner workings of the mind! This museum is an surreal place nestled on the Enchanted Island. Featured in this museum are prints of a human snail, pirate bottles with aquariums, haunted houses, and aquariums in a huge light bulb. 

There is a gallery attached to this museum owned and operated by BambiTwice Nitely. Who had her artwork entered in the Second Life Community Convention in 2010 and is available for sale in the gallery. There are couches and odd doodads such as a birdcage coat rack. 

Out side the gallery is this amazing scene, partially available to view in the above picture. Scripted artwork has come a long way since this blogger entered Second Life. There is a huge scripted piece dedicated to Salvador Dali on the right of the museum entrance. It is incredible. All the scripted artwork is amazing!

As you exit the museum door beware of the creaky bridge. It just might dump you in the water! This bridge connects you with the enchanting realm of petite avatars and their world. There are small homes, floral, and a museum with petite artwork! Even this art gallery is influenced by the surreal:

Tornado Gallery
When one sees this upside down house it compels one to peek. Inside are clear walls with water running through the gallery along with almost clear flooring. The artwork is made for a petite avatar's home. Several meters away from this gallery is the landing spot for the sim. It is filled with petite homes, decorations and fauna.

If you are a normal avatar and are curious about tiny avatars this is a great place to start! If you are not interest in small avatars then the Museum of Surrealism is a wonderful, must see site!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Re-Opening of Digital Art Gallery

21st Century Vanitas
The re-opening of art galleries is great to see because this means that the Second Life Artist has not given up on their art in-world. So it is with Digital Art by Atlantis Jewell. This art gallery features photographs from Second Life, photo manipulated and made into a wholly new piece of artwork, barely recognizable from the original photo.

Also featured are real life photo manipulations such as 21st Century Vanitas which is a homage to Juan de Valdez Leal and Audrey Flack who are well known artists in the the 17th and 20th centuries respectively. Flack updated her Wheel of Fortune vanitas off of Leal's Vanitas. Atlantis was inspired by both of these artists to update the vanitas genre to reflect the 21st Century.

Another interesting piece is the Haunting of Hell which is featured in one of Atlantis's new novel with the working title Mystic. So the protagonist has this creepy house and has this piece above his mantel!

Thar Be Dragons Here features the European Dragons of Second Life. They are beautiful creatures who enjoy the freedom of the skies. This piece is a fantasy piece of a final moments of a flying city besieged by dragon's fire.

The great thing about this gallery is that the prices range from L$100-1,000. The gallery owner believes that great art should be affordable in Second Life, after all in Real Life there is a recession going on or is it a recovery now? Either way is unimportant because there is great art at great Linden prices!