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Sunday, November 23, 2008

NEW Home and Look for Museum

Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery has been in the process of moving for sometime, however, the Museum is finally sorted out and the new building and landscaping is residing at her new home.

The Museum truly lives up to its name now, Elven Enchantment. The building and grounds are imbued with magic of the owner and its resident magical creatures, dragons, unicorns, leopards, pixies, fireflies, and rainbow.

There is a magical pavilion where foxes, squirrels, and peacocks play! The trees are also mystical some Elven in origin and some simply magical! Once again, the landscaping would be impossible without the magical, deft creations of Julia Hathor.

Prominently featured on the grounds and air around the museum is the magical dragons. There are baby dragons, some flying, others drinking tea, and still others playing in the water fountains, they are all kept an eye on by their Mother.

The landscaping kept to its original theme, which honors the Elven Imperial Symbol of Atlantis's race: Water, Air, Wind, Fire, and the Elementals.

The Museum is now a brick building and it only has two floor, but we now have teleporters! No more stairs!

The Museum reopened on October 30, 2008, the building is dedicated to Patron Papo Lungu, who built the building and donated it to the Museum.

Currently on display on the first level of the Museum is artwork from the creators of "Dark Delights." These are 100 percent adult pictures of humans, subs, centaurs, pixies, elves, and much more. Please use discretion when viewing this layout.

The second floor is dedicated to the real life Masters and the Art Gallery are in the four corners. The Museum will be continuing to promote Second Life artistes (As soon as the Curator's Real Life settles a bit more!)

There will be short temporary walls on the second floor of the Museum when we have art shows. It is my hope to have another art show in the new year, begin 2009 in a wonderful way.

Elven Enchantment sits on the Isle of Atlantis, floating above the sim in a world of its own. If you visit the House of Lords their teleporter's are connected to the Museum and you can teleport to the Museum.

The grounds are a great place for you to bring your friends, if you want to impress your partner, with a romantic evening! The sim is set to eternal night, so the romance of the gardens of the Museum are always there.

Elven Enchantment is truly an enchanted place to come and visit whether you love artwork or the artwork that is Second Life!

Come and enjoy, visit with the Curator, or stoll around with your loved one(s).

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Trains, Planes Automobiles, and Magical Transport

Trains, Planes, Automobiles, and Magical Transport was the last exhibition that Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery had at the Eunpyung Sim. This is a brief report on some of the most fascinating modes of transportation in Second Life. The above picture is of the Flying Scotsman train. It is a fully working train complete with its own track and smokestack.

The bikes and automobiles were all on lend from a Museum Patron, Papo Lungu. His extensive collection contains over 20 cars, 20 bikes, several water vehicles, and a luxury jet. Featured to the right is one my of favorite bikes, the Fire bike. When this bike is turned on fire emanates from the wheels and the red skull on the front of the bike.

In contrast the bike below is a free bike. It has red tail lights and interesting looking particles that pass for blinkers and headlights and is not owned by Mr. Lungu, but by the Museum.
I commend the person who began bravely to make this bike in Second Life because it gave way to better scripts and building practices making better and better bikes.

In Real Life we have all heard of the Indian bikes and a few of us may have been lucky to own one or to see one at a biker convention. In Second Life anyone can own an Indian bike and here it is in all its glory and a close of of the artwork on the tank is provided. The detail of the Indian Chief is a piece of artwork in itself. We are very grateful to our Patron for the lending of these truely wonderful bikes.

There were also many different types of automobiles on display, prim cars to sculpty cars and even cars with Hemi's. Racing cars to drag cars and old fashion cars to modern Lamborghini's were on display.

There was a a Dominus Shadow that was on display it was blue with gold wheels and if you haven't guess yes, this Elven Curator is the owner, enjoy the pictures of the wonderful cars.

The first red car is the first car that Mr. Lungu built himself. Yes it is possible to learn the art of building a car and successfully making it run!

The other pictures of cars are ones that at one time could be purchased or still can be purchased in Second Life.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Temporarily Closed

Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery is temporarily closed due to a move to different sim. That's right, the Museum is moving from its home of a year--Eunpyung to a new sim: the Isle of Atlantis.

The Museum will undergo a facade change, and yes teleporters are all ready installed! A new layout of dark artwork is being assembled and I am chasing down fountains in my inventory. I expect that the Museum will reopen by mid-August and a formal ball is being planned for the year anniversary in Second Life for August 31, 2008.

I hope that you will be patient while this curator she gets her act together, however, this blog will continue with some entries and new photographs on the Trains, Planes, Automobiles, and Magical Transport exhibition, a final report on the Relay for Life, and a preview of the upcoming exhibitions.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Final Weeks of the Relay for Life

The last and final push for the Relay for Life is underway. The sims will be open shortly for public viewing.

The Enchanted Elves have a plot where we have made a tribute to the Relay and Why we do it on that plot. The poem you will find on the signs on that sim is below in its entirety:

As I spoke to you and I heard your reply,

I saw, the barren forest in my frozen minds eye,

I placed a toe upon that path,

Determined to do the math,

The price for not walking the path was too high,

I placed my feet firmly on it and took that first step, bye and bye,

As I began my journey, O the pain, the suffering, the despair,

I spoke to you again, and you said, this would repair,

Hardly believing I saw the red hot lava, pain so unbearable, torturing me,

I said, let me be,

I saw a bridge and hastened up it,

And the desolate forest turned into day bidding me to rest a bit,

Sitting down, at last at peace, I thanked you,

And your reply, it is turned out as I had hoped, but sometimes it’s hard to have that clue,

As I sat and garnered strength, gathering my loved ones around,

Kissing, hugging, laughing, happiness abound,

Then I saw you, and you shook your head,

And said, its time for bed,

Glancing around I noticed others,

Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers,

Some sitting, standing, others wandering past, I stood,

Fearfully, I began to walk, the pain was back, I shuffled as fast as I could,

Past the water, I saw my rest,

Tears slid down my face, loved ones hugging me, I whispered, this is for the best,

No more pain and suffering, remember me,

And now let me be.

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted Georgia Lee Jones. July 2008.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trains, Planes Automobiles, and Magical Transport

Monday, June 9 at 5:00 p.m., SLT is the premier of Trains, Planes, Automobiles, and Magical Transport. Featuring the extensive vehicle collection of Museum Patron Papo Lungu.

His collection features, motorcycles, leer, jet, cars of all types and makes from prim to sculpty. The motorcycles are as varied as the engineers. My personal favorite is the Hells Bike and the Fire Bike.

The Museum's contribution to this show is the train and magical transport. Some of the items are free so be sure click on the object to see if you can buy it for free.

This is one aspect of Second Life art that is fascinating as all the modes of transport work and can be driven, rode or flown.

Friday, May 30, 2008

June Exhibition

On the Garden Level of the Museum the House of Lords display will continue, an intimate look into the House of Lords featuring its Master and His subs.

In the grove, we will be changing the theme from statuary to Vehicles in SL. The car and bike collection is On Lend from a Museum Patron, Papo Lungu. His extensive collection of all types of vehicles range from motorbikes, cars, and jet skis to name a few.

In the Exhibition Hall we will feature the wildlife photographs of Macintaz Balbozar whose RL picture talents never need touching up in Photoshop!!

These new exhibitions will be ready for viewing on Monday, June 9th at 5:00 p.m., SLT. Come and see the wondrous envirnment that we live and play in and call Second Life!

Halfway There Fair!

We are Halfway There at the Relay for Life Fair. The Enchanted Elves will be selling quality goods for half price... that's right some businesses in SL have donated their items and all you have to do is pay the kiosk!!

The business feature, Exquisite Furnishings, Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery, and Atlantis Jewell Creations. We may have a few more, but right now these SL companies have definitely committed and 100 percent of the proceeds go to the Relay for Life!

Sculpture in the Grove

This past month the Museum has featured various sculpture artiste's in the grove. Their work is superior, interesting, passionate, and diverse. The first I am going to share with you is from an up and coming sculpture artiste, Mayden Dragonash! This sculpture is not named but is to me a thinking head, resigned to its fate and is waiting the end... hmm, that was quite dark, you decide!!

This next piece is called Thorny Spirals. Now before moving onto Thorny ... I must point out that all of Ms. Dragonash's sculptures have moving textures on them making them jump out at the viewer! Thorny Spirals have fire on the tops of the branches with blood veins spiraling down to the base. Great for a Gothic Castle or Halloween!

Orth of Lava is a globe set on a pedestal of iron with a wooden base. The orb looks like an alien world in which if you look deep enough into the globe you just might see the alien residents going about their business! But the swirling fog of their world keeps them safely hidden from view!!

The original Thorny Sculpture is the first one that I saw by Ms. Dragonash and this has spiny limbs coming up from the base held together by the lava orbs at various points on the sculpture. All of Ms. Dragonash's works would be fantastic in a Gothic Castle or your BDSM dungeon!!

The fantastic sculpture by Mayden Dragonash is leaving Elven Enchantment tomorrow May 31! Come and see her wonderful pieces of art!

The next piece is a sculpty gazebo done by a RL sculpture artiste who is in SL under the name of Ms. Chastity DeCuir. In RL her sculptures sell for lots and funds her theatre work...! But here in SL she owns Virgo Rising and this beautiful piece is the centre piece of some lovely SL weddings!! In this picture you can see the grass, but at her home, Chas has this set out over the ocean and you can view the ocean life below. She lent this to the Museum for this exhibition, thanks Chas!!

It looks like a sculpture, it is moving (it's SL, so we can indeed have moving sculptues!), but is it a sculpture? Now, most of my guests to the Museum would not try walking through this sculpture, but stand back and enjoy the view of this cartoon character representation of RacerX's Burning Man statue in a mini size, but if you know who RacerX is then you know that his specialty is particles and so the answer to the question is this a sculpture? Technically, no, but boy is it fun! This not-a-sculpture (technically speaking) is complete with waterfall around the inner particle. If you saw this in giant size at 2007's Burning Man then you know that it stood at least 50 meters tall and moved and had fireworks and many intricate parts that all moved... RacerX rocks!

For as long as there are Museums and the legends of Egypt intrigue our imaginations, no Museum can exist and not have Egyptian sculpture, even if it is on loan for a little while!! Elven Enchantment has some wonderful Egyptian statuary and the tallest is of Anubis! This artiste is Naadarih Shimad and her work is beautiful and detailed. She has built her own Egyptian sim in SL to house these wonderful works of sculpture.

This sculpture features Anubis sitting in the traditional Egyptian position with his ears pointed up and sitting at attention this Egyptian god is set on a block of granite guarding the dead along with two Bastet Cats in silver and onyx. The Eye of Ra circles Anubis's eye and the Bastet Cat's eyes too.

No Egyptian Exhibition would be complete without a Mummy and a Sarcophagus, which sits between the two Anubis sculptures. The door on the sarcophagus swings open and shut! This artwork will mysteriously find its way back to the Museum around Halloween this year. The detailed work on the mummy is incredible you can see the embalming bandages. The smooth wood of the sarcophagus is brilliant.

The final twist in the Egyptian Exhibition is the Asp, that was made into a coiled constrictor and you may lay off with your Master or Mistress and your collar sisters or brothers for an afternoon of cuddling and togetherness!

Since this is a Second Life Museum, I felt that this sculpture exhibition would not be complete without some erotic statues, but sadly, I cannot post pictures here! If you would like to see Bahumat and the golden Xcite! Statue, you must stop by Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery and have an enjoyable time being impaled on this wonderful interactive statues!! Shy? No worries these beautiful statues are tucked behind a modesty hedge for your privacy to enjoy an interactive moment!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fund Raising Live Concert

You are cordially invited to attend a live concert for a Relay for Life Fundraiser at Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery on Sunday, May 18 at 6 p.m. SLT, featuring Pmann Sands in the Grove. The fundraising cover is L$50 per person and it is to be paid into the kiosk as you cross the bridge on the right.

The Enchanted Elves will also be offering up artwork for auction during this concert, featuring a Drathon Montague, and various other artiste's, who have donated work.

Come enjoy the company of music and art lovers, friends and help us raise money for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Until there is a cure, We Relay!!

Atlantis Jewell, Team Captain of the Enchanted Elves
Macintaz Balbozar, Co-captain
Fairy Contepomi
Magdelena Cazelet
Zaknafien Barbosa
Pateagle Amat
Mello Bonetto
Drathon Montague
Aeryn Beck
Dezeray Aeon
Lando Biedermann
Roxi Richez
Chel Norfolk, Team Mentor

Meet the Enchanted Elves

The Relay for Life is taking off in SL and the Enchanted Elves are involved in a fund raiser. However, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank all the team members who volunteer their time and energy to fund raising for American Cancer Society's Relay for Life fund raising for cancer research.

Presenting the Enchanted Elves Team sponsored by Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery:

1. Atlantis Jewell, Team Captain
2. Fairy Contepomi
3. Macintaz Balbozar, Co-captain
4. Magdalena Cazalet
5. Zaknafien Barbosa
6. Pateagle Amat
7. Mello Bonetto
8. Drathon Montague
9. Aeryn Beck
10. Dezeray Aeon
11. Lando Biedermann
12. Roxi Richez

Chel Norfolk, Team Mentor

Thanks ever so much!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Second Life Photograph Exhibition

Our first Exhibition featuring only Second Life photography. We are featuring the Second Life photos of Roxi Richez. She is the fab photographer that took the head shot that is now featured on my Second Life profile tab and on all my blogs. Her talents are fantastic and varied in the style in which she portrays avatars in Second Life.

The Roxi Richez photography exhibition will run from Monday, April 21 to May 31. Patrons, Artiste, and Group night is Sunday, April 20 from 5 to 6 p.m., SLT. Opening night is Monday, April 21 from 5 to 7 p.m., SLT.

The photo to above is a sneek peek at another wonderful Roxi Richez photo. Oh, I couldn't help myself, two more are below. Enjoy and come see the Roxi Richez SL Photography Exhibition.

And I almost forgot, if you wish your avie to look this fab, on opening night, Ms. Richez will be offering a 10 percent discount on any orders placed on this night, so come out and get your 10 percent discount coupon.

Normally during an opening Elven Enchantment offers artwork for purchase from our exhibitors, but this time there will no offerings available.

The photograph on the right are the Three Fates gazing down on a rebel Sky Elf. Fortunately for this Sky Elf the Fates do not have a hand in forming her destiny.

The Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery Curator as you may see her on an opening night!! Come out to Elven Enchantment on April 21. See you there!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Enchanted Elves

The Relay for Life's launch party was yesterday and we were given our kiosks! The Enchanted Elves have been granted permission to drop donation boxes at the following places of business:

1. Club Incircle
2. Lady Killerz
3. xZonex Club
4. Valhalla Beach Resort
5. Jewel of Atlantis Shopping Centre
6. Akaska's Temple
7. Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery
8. @Avy's Club Giggles

The Enchanted Elves thank these places of company's for allowing us to drop our kiosks at your places of business. Our Relay Team will be planning events and we will offering the above places the opportunity to have auctions, concerts, and dances at venues to so their traffic goes up and our fund raising events are also successful!! So far, our efforts have raised over L$2,000! More Updates to come regarding our fund raising efforts for the American Cancer Society.

"Until there is a cure, We RELAY!"

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Elven Enchantment on Technorati

The Museum's Blog had been registered with a Blog statistical site called Technorati. This site keeps track of popularity of blogs. Currenty the Museum's Blog is rated at a little over 2.2 million in the rankings!

So this is what you can do for me... put my blog on your blog, and I will link to your blog! This way our rankings rise and we become an authority on Technorati! This is an exciting way of getting the Real World and non-Second Lifers to read about our Museum and hopefully encourage people to enter Second Life and visit the Museum!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Expert Author at

It is a very exciting day for Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery as yours truly has obtain Expert Author at I am happy to inform you that in the Real World over 1,000 people have read articles on Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery!

On the right of your screen you will find a new logo and its a link to, once there be sure to search for Atlantis Jewell and you will find all my musings and ramblings!!

Grins a sly Elven smirk at you... "You just might find yourself featured there!" Enjoy!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Ball

There is a Valentines Ball at Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery tonight at 5 p.m., until 7:00 p.m., SLT on Sunday, February 17, Best in Red for girls and guys! Bring your sweethearts and dance your night away.

DJ Annie Lane providing romantic music for the entire night!! See you there!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Welcoming Eden Cale to Elven Enchantment

I wish to welcome Eden Cale to the Elven Enchantment Family of Artiste's. He is a RL digital painter, whose works have been on display on the First Level of the Museum for the last month along with "Beauty in Bondage" Series and the new Drathon Montague's.

Mr. Cale is a talented digital painter whose work is quality and unique, a hallmark of Elven Artiste's. He owns his own studio in SL called Visions of Eden. He will be exhibiting during the month of February, and the Patrons, Artiste, Group Member night is next week Sunday, February 10, 5-6 p.m., SLT at the Museum on the new Third Level, which is now the Exhibition Level of the Museum.

Opening night is Monday, February 11 at 5:00 p.m., SLT!!

The Museum's pick for this exhibition is "Lighthouse" and will be available for purchase from the Art Gallery on the Fourth Level of the Museum which now has a floor of its own too!

This will be an exciting exhibition as you can view the new changes at the entrance of the Museum and on the Fourth Level!

Welcome Mr. Cale and Patrons, Artiste's, and Group Members this exhibition is not to be missed!

Digital Knight Scripted Art Studio Has a New Home

Digital Knight Scripted Art Studio has a new home, the land at the Odessa Astounding was sold and Digital Knight had to find a new home and with the help of Biggy Harvey the new landowner of Odessa Astounding land, we found one spot at Horizons Retail Zone, Horizons WEST (102, 140, 21).

This is a new retail area and has a lovely shopping area so come on over see the new site and shop in our shopping district for art, furniture, clothing, and there is a BDSM Resort nearby and a shopping mall. Enjoy!!

More Changes at Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery

More changes have come to Elven Enchantment! The entrance signs have been renovated and redone. The company that volunteered to do this project was Exquisite Furnishings, which is a new furniture business in SL. The owner is a Patron of the Museum and Papo Lungu kindly consented to redesign the Museum's new signs. You will see his golden, signature seal on the ends of these signs.

The gazebo has been moved from the right side of the museum to the far left end of the Museum, if you stand on the bridge, on or next to the daydream poseballs and look straight down the gazebo is now nestled at of the end of the crunchy snow and between the winter trees. Remember that there is one set of dancing poseballs here so bring your sweetie and dance in a very romantic setting.

The Museum has also under gone a redo of the front facade correcting some noobie building errors of mine...and making the "lines" virtually disappear. It was always my goal to put a roof on the museum, however, this has not happened until now...the fourth floor now has a smoked, ninety degree glass roof, so if your fond of flying over the wall to see the Gallery beware that this is no longer possible!!

A huge thanks goes to Mr. Lungu of Exquisite Furnishing who not only donated his time and materials for the signs, but also designed the "peak" glass enclosing the fourth floor entirely in a glass roof.

Another big thank you goes to Marrissa Lafabvre who helped with some of the original floor design and helped again in the raising of the fourth level by giving me permission to modify her objects for this endeavor.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Elven Enchantment on the SLX

Most of the artwork that is in the Art Gallery is up on the SLX (Secondlife Exchange) so if you need to purchase a quick gift for your friend, lover, or business partner and do not have the time to log, you can go to the SLX and purchase for your gift and send it to them inworld.

Please note: That it is important to be sure that your friend(s) have not muted the SLX... (Don't ask!!)

There were several pieces that no matter how the Curator tried, could not get some pieces up onto the SLX so be sure to come by the Art Gallery to see the artwork available.

Changes at Elven Enchantment Musuem and Art Gallery

Since opening our doors on September 1, 2007, Elven Enchantment has gone through some incredible changes. Elven Enchantment hosted its first Exhibition in November 07 showcasing Spiral Silverstar's factal art. Next, Gracie Barbosa kindly consented to exhibit a part of her RL photograph collection, and our current exhibitor is Lexy Wilder.

We also have awesome artiste's whose artwork has been displayed in the Art Gallery for sometime and with each new exhibitor we have exclusive and multi-copy artwork that remains in the Art Gallery. The Art Gallery grew too small so this week a fourth level was raised up, moving the art gallery to the fourth level and the third level remains the exhibition space for artiste whose work are being shown for the month.

The aquarium moved up to the fourth level too as it was too big to remain as a center element on the third level. Additional artwork will be available for purchase in the art gallery choice pictures from the "Beauty in Bondage" will be available for purchase in early to mid-February.

We are gearing up for another artiste, who is a digital painter--Eden Cale. We will be welcoming him to the Elven Enchantment family on the second weekend of February.

There is only one stairwell going up to the gallery level as the curator was trying to save on prims. To access the new level, go to the middle stairwell on the third level and you can walk up to the Art Gallery.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Women of RL/SL Beauty

During the months of January and February we are celebrating Women of Beauty in Second Life and Real Life.

The Garden Level in tradition of Elven Enchantment is filled with SL Women of Beauty the the first set of pictures is of Gorgeous Rosa was taken by PJ Trenton, a SL photographer. There is a black and white series turning this color spread to black and white was inspired by Magdalena Cazalet's remark...Atty that picture looks like a "Film Noir" photograph.

There is a beautiful woman tied up to the Japanese Bondage structure that was on display at Elven Enchantment's opening. The next set of photographs are donated by Elven Enchantment's Patrons Chastitiy DeCuir and Ailenor Laval. This photograph was used on their wedding invitations and so absolutely beautiful that it takes the viewer's breath away.

The "Two Beauty's" has made a reappearance at the Museum as it was out during the opening month of September and the Fairies from Sunrise to Midnight are the final phase in the SL Women of Beauty series.

The Real Life Women of Beauty is reflected on the First Level of the Museum, which has been changed to display the photographic donations of Rhad McMillan, RL/SL Master and Museum Patron in the "Beauty in Bondage" series. The Museum's pick for this series is "Master's Touch."

The Real Life Masters Floor has remained the same, as this floor is only changed out once a year.

The Third Level has new art in the Art Gallery and of course the Lexy Wilder Painting Exhibition is on the West side of this level. These are her real life paintings of her homeland, using oil and acrylic the beautiful landscapes are painted and she provided one sketch as well. The items for purchase are on the northern wall of the third floor. The Museum's pick for this exhibition is "Waterfall." An enchanted forest where this Curator would love to play hide and seek! Thanks Lexy for sharing your fantastic real life artwork with us in Second Life.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Lexy Wilder Painting Exhibition

Beginning on January 13 at 5:00 p.m. SLT with Patrons, Artiste, and Group Night, Elven Enchantment extends a warm welcome to Lexy Wilder who is a Real Life painter and whose brialliant works will be exhibiting at the Museum from January 13- 31st.

The gala opening night is January 14 at 5:00 p.m., SLT open to all visitors who wish to come by the museum and see some absolutely gorgeous paintings.

Ms. Wilder is a talented SL Resident who, I am very happy to welcome to Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery.

More to following on purchasing Ms. Wilder's artwork.