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Sunday, February 3, 2008

More Changes at Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery

More changes have come to Elven Enchantment! The entrance signs have been renovated and redone. The company that volunteered to do this project was Exquisite Furnishings, which is a new furniture business in SL. The owner is a Patron of the Museum and Papo Lungu kindly consented to redesign the Museum's new signs. You will see his golden, signature seal on the ends of these signs.

The gazebo has been moved from the right side of the museum to the far left end of the Museum, if you stand on the bridge, on or next to the daydream poseballs and look straight down the gazebo is now nestled at of the end of the crunchy snow and between the winter trees. Remember that there is one set of dancing poseballs here so bring your sweetie and dance in a very romantic setting.

The Museum has also under gone a redo of the front facade correcting some noobie building errors of mine...and making the "lines" virtually disappear. It was always my goal to put a roof on the museum, however, this has not happened until now...the fourth floor now has a smoked, ninety degree glass roof, so if your fond of flying over the wall to see the Gallery beware that this is no longer possible!!

A huge thanks goes to Mr. Lungu of Exquisite Furnishing who not only donated his time and materials for the signs, but also designed the "peak" glass enclosing the fourth floor entirely in a glass roof.

Another big thank you goes to Marrissa Lafabvre who helped with some of the original floor design and helped again in the raising of the fourth level by giving me permission to modify her objects for this endeavor.

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