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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Trains, Planes Automobiles, and Magical Transport

Trains, Planes, Automobiles, and Magical Transport was the last exhibition that Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery had at the Eunpyung Sim. This is a brief report on some of the most fascinating modes of transportation in Second Life. The above picture is of the Flying Scotsman train. It is a fully working train complete with its own track and smokestack.

The bikes and automobiles were all on lend from a Museum Patron, Papo Lungu. His extensive collection contains over 20 cars, 20 bikes, several water vehicles, and a luxury jet. Featured to the right is one my of favorite bikes, the Fire bike. When this bike is turned on fire emanates from the wheels and the red skull on the front of the bike.

In contrast the bike below is a free bike. It has red tail lights and interesting looking particles that pass for blinkers and headlights and is not owned by Mr. Lungu, but by the Museum.
I commend the person who began bravely to make this bike in Second Life because it gave way to better scripts and building practices making better and better bikes.

In Real Life we have all heard of the Indian bikes and a few of us may have been lucky to own one or to see one at a biker convention. In Second Life anyone can own an Indian bike and here it is in all its glory and a close of of the artwork on the tank is provided. The detail of the Indian Chief is a piece of artwork in itself. We are very grateful to our Patron for the lending of these truely wonderful bikes.

There were also many different types of automobiles on display, prim cars to sculpty cars and even cars with Hemi's. Racing cars to drag cars and old fashion cars to modern Lamborghini's were on display.

There was a a Dominus Shadow that was on display it was blue with gold wheels and if you haven't guess yes, this Elven Curator is the owner, enjoy the pictures of the wonderful cars.

The first red car is the first car that Mr. Lungu built himself. Yes it is possible to learn the art of building a car and successfully making it run!

The other pictures of cars are ones that at one time could be purchased or still can be purchased in Second Life.