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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Highlight Tour of Second Life Art Galleries, Part 3

Diorama at St@rt Gold Art Sculpture Gallery
I am back on the Tour and have found a gem of an art gallery:  St@rt Gold Art Sculpture Art Gallery.  The sculptures are bold, beautiful and original.  The Guardian Angel sculpture has music that reminds me of the Greek myths of the Siren's Song luring sailors ashore to wreck upon the shoals.

There is a wide variety of artwork including scripted fractals that move, which are beautiful. Following the trend of several other galleries there are matching floor mats and pottery with the artwork on them.  The gold sculptures are shown in a room that has rich red tapestries and carpets.  They range from a drum set to saxophones.

There are beautiful underwater ruins to explore and a walk through art gallery; my favorite presentation is the diorama of the solar system set above a glowing mountain range.

The best way to tour this beautiful gallery is to set your environment to midnight.  I give this gallery two thumbs up!

Gardens as viewed from the Royal Thai Gallery
Traditional Thai Art can be found at the Royal Thai Gallery.  If you enjoy Thai art this is the place to visit!  The Thai Buddha is displayed along with elephants, nagas (snakes), and carvings of Thailand's Epic Story.

Beautiful and peaceful gardens surround the gallery and do turn on your music options at this gallery it features wonderful classical selections to enjoy to further relax.

Greystone Manor is open to the public and is a wonderfully designed and appointed mansion displaying the beautiful Thai artwork as you would see it in Real Life! A definite must see!

This Gallery is virtually lag free and I give it two thumbs up!

Taking a break at the Two Shores Gallery of Fine Art 
Two Shores Gallery of Fine Art features the digital artwork of Mathilde Vhargon.  She designs a sculpture and then takes the patterns of her sculptures and uses a fractal filter and twists and turns them into a designs them into beautiful digital paintings!

Following the "Yellow Brick Road" in Ozland
Darker, digital artwork can be found in Ozland's Visiting Artist Exhibit!  This month's artist is Relay Caedmon.  His artwork is dark and skeletons can be found hiding within. Also featured at this gallery is a monthly piece of art and you are invited to write something about it in the form of a story, poem, or essay utilizing 500-1000 words.  The written art will be read in your own voice on one of the four Wednesday's of the month!  The writing must be PG and can be written in any genre, but must be about the picture that is chosen!

This is an unusual concept and if you are passionate about artwork and writing this is the spot to explore!