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Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year's Party

You are cordially invited to celebrate the New Year's on the 4th of January 2008, which is the first Friday in 2008 at Elven Enchantment, First Level for a night of dancing, talking and celebration, ushering in the New Year SL style. Dust off your ball gowns and your coat tails, bring your lovely guys, gals, pets, subs and dance the night away celebrating all things new and wonderful for 2008.

Elven Enchantment wishes you a very happy and safe Real Life New Years and we want to see you on Friday, January 4, 2008 at 5 p.m. SLT for a night of dancing, celebrations and fun!! Our in house DJ is Annie Lane bringing us a real treat the original tune of Aulde Lang Syne.

Changes at Elven Enchantment Musuem and Art Gallery

Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery is celebrating Women of Beauty in Real Life and Second Life during the months of January and February 2008. That means that these lovely Second Life women will be able to be viewed in the Gardens for two months.

Surprise, the Second Level has been changed out to celebrate Women of Beauty in Real Life though the eyes of a Real Life BDSM Master and Second Life Master Rhad McMillan. Rhad is also a patron of the Museum and has kindly donated the 20 pictures that I have named: "Beauty in Bondage." These stunning pictures reveal that there is true beauty in bondage and submission.

Elven Enchantment is proud to introduce to you a new up and coming digital artiste, Eden Cale and his three huge pictures may be viewed on the First Level. I am very happy to inform you that Mr. Cale will be exhibiting at the Museum during the month of February for our first Digital Art Exhibition.

And last, but definitely, not least is the change of the scripted artwork by our very own Drathon Montague, whose artwork, "Lupine Dreams," "Dallas," and "Tall Ship" have been hung for your viewing pleasure.

Month of the Drow

As the month of December ends, I am taking a moment to thank all the people who participated in the Drow Elf photo shoot: Matron Mother X, Matron Mother Jax, Weapons Master Zaknafien Barbosa, and the Renegade ArchKaine Hax.

This shoot was a very fun photo shoot and the role playing was at a very high and intense level. If you have not seen the Drow Elf layout at the museum, I urge you to do so as its an accurate snapshot into the daily lives of Drow Elves, the vicious creatures that they are and I hope if you have seen it you have enjoyed the depictions of the the fight to the death approved by Lloth herself.

What and who are Drow Elves? They come from the fantastic imagination of R. A. Salvatore and TOR Publishing House, they live in the Under Dark of Menzoberranzan, worship the Goddess of Choas, Lloth and plot to overthrow the House above their own for the glory of Lloth.

Again thank you Matron Mother X, Matron Mother Jax, Weapons Master Zaknafien Barbosa, and the Renegade ArchKaine Hax you all are marvelous!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gracie Barbosa Photography Exhibition

Elven Enchantment is proud to present Gracie Barbosa's real life photographs in our second Exhibition. Ms. Barbosa takes road trips in the southwest of the USA and takes photographs of the places she visits from the Grand Canyon to Artiste Drive, Salt Flatts of Utah, to Monument Valley.

Ms. Barbosa's photographs are passionate, and do real justice to the landscape she takes pictures of and the viewer is treated to a fantastic view of the southwest of the United States of America. If you have not had the privilege of visiting this part of the US then these photographs are a must see.

This exhibition begins on Monday, December 10 and runs to December 30, 2007. Bring your friends and come and see these fantastic photographs.