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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

November Events in the SL Newspaper

Elven Enchantment is in the SL Newspaper again, announcing our November line up of new and interesting events. The link is below.

Atlantis Jewell

Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Firsts" at Elven Enchantment in November

Elven Enchantment is busy preparing for the transition from Halloween to winter at the Museum and for the month of November 2007 there are going to be three fantastic firsts. The first is the winter is coming to Elven Enchantment for the very first time. It has been thundering and lightening, and the weather person is predicting snow very shortly.

The next fantastic first for the very first time we will be featuring our first SL Male model for the Garden Level of the Museum. The Curator has recently learned that not all pixels are created equal in Second Life. Come by and enjoy the fantastic male form. All canvasses will be of this handsome male model. Enjoy!!

The last fantastic first for the Museum is our very first exhibition. Elven Enchantment is proud to showcase Spiral Silverstar's fractal art on the Third Floor of the museum. For the exhibition the "Magic Revealed" part of the Museum will be removed and the art installed. For information on the "Magic Revealed" and the Photo Enhancement that the museum offers, see the blog entry: Personal Photograph Enhancement.

The dates for the Fractal Art Exhibition are November 12-30, 2007. Come by and enjoy the elegant spirals and the vivid colors that make the art incredibly special. Also on display for this exhibition will be the fractal art that is owned by Atlantis Jewell.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Calendar of Events

Elven Enchantment now has a Calendar of Events at the bottom of this blog. The calendar is set to SLT time, however, it will automatically adjust to your very own time zone courtesy of Google! So please do not change your calendar to SLT time as it is all ready set to that time when the calendar is made up!!!

Otherwise you will miss all our events!
Atlantis J.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Digital Knight in Second Life Newspaper

Congratulations to Digital Knight Scripted Art Studio on its debut in the Second Life Newspaper. You may view the article at:

Atlantis J.

Report on Burning Life

If you missed Second Life's Burning Life during the last weeks of September 2007, then your in luck, as I went several times and endured lag, crashes, and long treks through the sims searching for the art worthy to take pictures of to share with all of you!

It was celebration of music and art in a grand style and certainly confirmed Elven Enchantment's Vision Statement: "Everything in SL is art, and everyone is an artist." There was art there for all types of art lovers and depending on your enjoyment of art could be discribed as the good, the bad, and the ugly, but it was so much fun to view all the works and taking pictures of those ones that I thoroughly enjoyed. While trekking through the sims enjoying the wide variety of music from classical to rock and roll.

There was the fantastic sculpture of made by my friend RacerX and it was a mixture of build and particles and it was a rotating sculpture of himself, complete with fireworks! There was a build of a giant tree with an ocean floating in the air with ocean life swimming within its confines. A glass forest, giant chairs, a marble dance floor with golden couples dancing the waltz, abstract art abounded, rainclouds and rainbows. Some builds celebrated life, death, remembrance, and reminders that we all live on the planet called earth and we need to keep this planet healthy and clean so future generations will enjoy it as well. There was a lava and ice castle, the Twin Towers, and a circus, a maze with dead ends and at the center a sculpture, a Mayan pyramid, builds that had dice and dominoes inside within closed buildings making me wonder--how did they do that?

On September 30, 2007, was the day the man was burned. Unfortunately, the sim was full to capacity and I missed this event. However, I did spy some burning men and women at the sim I was on and was mollified. All this mayhem and magic disappeared at midnight on October 1, burned into our memories making us wonder if it was really there at all.

Halloween Has Arrived at Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery

The month of October has arrived at long last fall is beginning to turn the leaves from green to orange, and thoughts of witches, pumpkins fill our minds as we prepare for the best holiday event...Halloween!

Elven Enchantment Museum has taken out all the stops for your entertainment this year and has transformed the Garden Level in to a viewing of the "Oookie, Spookie, Groosome, and the Bootiful," for your viewing pleasure this year. The pictures on the Garden Level have been changed since the opening day to gory pictures, depicting gored avatars, mermaids, devil's, warriors, and BDSM entertainment! Front and center is my favorite piece, "Odd Couple," which a one of a kind scripted art piece made specially for your favorite museum curator by Drathon Montague, who knew I was looking for Halloween decorations.

The front entrance has a carpet of fall leaves and pumpkins greet your arrival, there are three blood fountains for your viewing pleasure and all the ponds have been turned to blood. Turn around before you explore the gory pictures and enjoy the fantastic thunderstorm in the grove. There are flying bats and spookie graves and a cauldron for those witches out there to throw your ingredients in to make a ookie brew!

Once inside of the museum the First Floor element has been changed to reflect Halloween and our friendly ghost haunts this floor. There is an added element to the Fairytale Castle, beware of the black cat on this floor.

In the Art Gallery, there is a witch the startles me every time I work up there as I forget I put it there!! However, don't let the witch prevent your coming to the Art Gallery to enjoy the new sketch artiste's that have work there for you to purchase...the fantastic collection of Dominique May and Donnatella Calameri have been added to the Gallery's list of artiste's and Elven Enchantment welcomes them to the Elven Family of Artiste's.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Digital Knight Scripted Art Studio is Now Open

October 1, 2007 from 5 to 8 p.m. SLT was the fantastic opening of Digital Knight Scripted Art Studio. The evening was a success and the competition to identify the name of the "Tall Ship" was in intense.

We had fantastic guesses of French tall ships such as: Dora, Le Napoleon, the Royal Louis, and Cutter Sark to name a few. Some not so serious guesses of Unroyal Louis and H.M.S. Fig Newton were a few of my favorites.

The guessing was intense as was the Googling for the answer. Your favorite Curator was the first to identify it, but since the Museum was the Exclusive Sponsors of the event, was not qualified to win the Tall Ship.

Mr. Montague threw out helpful hints such as: It's flying a French Flag, Napoleonic War, and It's a special ship as I had to find a picture of it to make it into "Tall Ship".

Spanish ships Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria made an appearance in the guessing line up as did the HMS Victory and Surprise.

The win went to Tressie Jetaime with: "Acheron". HMS Surprise was the British ship that was commissioned to arrest the Acheron. The picture of this fabulous tall ship can be found in the movie, Master and Commander.

Congrats to Ms. Jetaime on winning the contest and thanks to all who participated in the event.

The Museum in the Real World

Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery is in the Real World. This right Real World!! The exciting events at Elven Enchantment may be read by non-residents at

All the exciting happenings since the opening can be found at this address: .

Your name just might appear in these articles so go and check them out!!