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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Report on Burning Life

If you missed Second Life's Burning Life during the last weeks of September 2007, then your in luck, as I went several times and endured lag, crashes, and long treks through the sims searching for the art worthy to take pictures of to share with all of you!

It was celebration of music and art in a grand style and certainly confirmed Elven Enchantment's Vision Statement: "Everything in SL is art, and everyone is an artist." There was art there for all types of art lovers and depending on your enjoyment of art could be discribed as the good, the bad, and the ugly, but it was so much fun to view all the works and taking pictures of those ones that I thoroughly enjoyed. While trekking through the sims enjoying the wide variety of music from classical to rock and roll.

There was the fantastic sculpture of made by my friend RacerX and it was a mixture of build and particles and it was a rotating sculpture of himself, complete with fireworks! There was a build of a giant tree with an ocean floating in the air with ocean life swimming within its confines. A glass forest, giant chairs, a marble dance floor with golden couples dancing the waltz, abstract art abounded, rainclouds and rainbows. Some builds celebrated life, death, remembrance, and reminders that we all live on the planet called earth and we need to keep this planet healthy and clean so future generations will enjoy it as well. There was a lava and ice castle, the Twin Towers, and a circus, a maze with dead ends and at the center a sculpture, a Mayan pyramid, builds that had dice and dominoes inside within closed buildings making me wonder--how did they do that?

On September 30, 2007, was the day the man was burned. Unfortunately, the sim was full to capacity and I missed this event. However, I did spy some burning men and women at the sim I was on and was mollified. All this mayhem and magic disappeared at midnight on October 1, burned into our memories making us wonder if it was really there at all.


  1. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

  2. Creative Fantasy, Julia Hathor's Magical Creatures Sim. I wrote an article and posted a web link to the SLurl's.

  3. I purchase all my stuff from Julia Hathor!