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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fractal Art

As I was deciding on what next to write about, I saw an advert in the Destination Guide for a fractal art gallery and ernestly I hoped, that it would be my friend Spiral Silverstar's Gallery.  It was not, and what a disappointment that gallery was, no passion that I have associated with fractal artwork since I met Spiral back in November 2007, he was the second artiste to have a live gallery showing at my Museum!

I immediately wondered if Spiral was still in Second Life, sure enough, he changed his name to The Spiral and has a gallery full of passionate fractal artwork!

What is fractal artwork?  Is the use of math and shapes lined up to be symmetrical and flowing in a design that captures your imagination.  To quote Spiral Silverstar, "Simply put, fractals are shapes which show similar features at different sizes. Much as a very close inspection of a rock can show similar features to an aerial view of a mountain, fractal shapes are characterized by this property of self-similarity."  (Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery Blog, November 2007, used with permission.)

I am absolutely delighted to rediscover his artwork!  In my opinion it is still the best artwork in Second Life!  And his gallery features the art on the walls, but in the middle of the gallery are tall trees, magical flowers, and fractal sculptures.  A couch is on one side of the gallery so you can sit and chat with friends while enjoying the ambiance.

A new add to his gallery since I last saw him, is his scripted/morphing fractals that move in the picture frame.  Sorry, but the artwork here is not quite scripted art and not morphing art either, but a pleasing combination of the two!

And surprisingly, the gallery is lag free!  Many Second Lifer's know exactly what I mean... most gallery's lag like crazy!  Well done ... Sprial!

Lastly, Spiral is a fractal artiste in Real Life too.  His work has won many awards over the years.  Go and enjoy them as he features these in his gallery as well!  Congrats to Spiral!

In the opinion of this blogger, The Spiral Art Gallery is NOT to be missed!

Twisted Fairy Tales

Once Upon a Time...
Chapter One

Do you remember the tales of our childhood?  Take a look at the them, Twisted!  Ask the Mirror on the Wall whose the Fairest of them all?  

You will think you are sitting down, but be warned you will be Snow White!  Tour the Seven Dwarf's Diamond Mine, and take a peek at their treasure!

Get a spot of ice skating in and dance with your friends!

Chapter Two!

When you land in Chapter Two you are not quite sure what to expect as its dark, but you see a glimmer of light ahead and you move in to look and it's a boat!  A great place to take some pictures with a waterfall behind you!

You may not have seen, as I didn't not, but there is zip line over the waterfalls!  Be sure to climb the "rope" in front of the boat!  Enjoy discovering the tower, which will be sure to make you laugh as only you can in Second Life! 

This part of the world is meant to be viewed at midnight, believe me I checked my settings to see how it would look at another time of day, but it's built to be viewed at night!

It took me a minute to remember my stories while I climbing another vine... I was headed to Jack's home via the beanstalk!  You land on a picnic blanket with giant food, be careful or you might get squashed like a bug!

Whew, you escaped!  Brave the waterfall and dry off in a cozy cave complete with a rug with pose balls and enjoy your sweetie!  After you are done romping around with your babes, take a shower in the outdoor pool!  Then dance the night away and enjoy your fairy friends!  (No pun intended!)

Chapter Three

Watch out!  You're in a cave!  Beware!  It looks like you have landed in the middle of hell, but you see gold on the ground, hmm, a buried city?  Maybe it's Atlantis!  Not!

You have dropped into an enchanted forest could it be Alice in Hell, I mean Wonderland?  Enter into the forest and you don't find a witch, but a dance floor!  Walking back into the main chamber and allowing my eyes to adjust, I realize that I am hotter then you know what and spy a vein of flowing lava!

This chamber hides a dragons treasure!  Be sure to leave a tip as lots of these areas operate on shoestring budget!  I hope you enjoyed your twisted fairy tales as much as I did!  Amarande is a a fun spot to explore!

Fairy Tale Land

I love the enchanted lands on Second Life and this is my first time writing about the unique appearance of such a placed called Cerridwen's Cauldron Main Gallery.  Yes, they have magical artwork for sale in the midst of an enchanted forest!

The main feature is the Tree of Life in the Middle of the forest, from this point they have huge trees growing up towards the sky and nestled in the limbs of the trees are homes, spots to rest and chat; look closely out into space and enjoy the floating art gallery in the sky!

If you dare to walk on the forest floor you will find poisonous mushroom spewing their spores into the air and the grass glows with otherworldly magic!

Look closely at the wood it's magically sculpted into dragons holding a fortuneteller's globes and there eyes glow blue, green, and red.
There are plants with blue veins indicating magical qualities... this Gallery is a piece of art in itself and the artwork is lovely.

The artwork feature beings of Otherworlds!  Enjoy a romantic day with your sweetie being enchanted!