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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fairy Tale Land

I love the enchanted lands on Second Life and this is my first time writing about the unique appearance of such a placed called Cerridwen's Cauldron Main Gallery.  Yes, they have magical artwork for sale in the midst of an enchanted forest!

The main feature is the Tree of Life in the Middle of the forest, from this point they have huge trees growing up towards the sky and nestled in the limbs of the trees are homes, spots to rest and chat; look closely out into space and enjoy the floating art gallery in the sky!

If you dare to walk on the forest floor you will find poisonous mushroom spewing their spores into the air and the grass glows with otherworldly magic!

Look closely at the wood it's magically sculpted into dragons holding a fortuneteller's globes and there eyes glow blue, green, and red.
There are plants with blue veins indicating magical qualities... this Gallery is a piece of art in itself and the artwork is lovely.

The artwork feature beings of Otherworlds!  Enjoy a romantic day with your sweetie being enchanted!

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