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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Photography and Digital Art Museum, Moya

I was right when I said in my last article that the artiste, Moya has an affinity for Pinocchio. In this section of his museum there are lovely wooden dolls pictured in almost all of the digital photographs.

Then you round a corner and there Moya is pictured with Mickey Mouse! The digital photos have pictures within pictures so take your time and enjoy the twist that this artiste has put into his work!

There are portals in the walls that you need to know about in this museum. If you take a picture of from where you are standing outwards and then zoom out the hole and take another picture and them line them up side-by-side you will have your own zany, contemporary photographs to share with your friends. Enjoy mine on my Facebook album!

The statuary that look like it is moving, but when you walk into it, it's a phantom script that moves in a pre-designed way.

On the ground level are abstracts that are surprisingly soothing and opens my mind to wonder of creativity. It inspires me to be more; encourages me to keep my imagination, imaging the impossible and then make the impossible come true!

Museum of Fine Arts, Moya

Museum of Fine Arts in Moya has a startling twist on traditional art. The artiste has taken work of Real Life Masters such as the Mona Lisa and then hung right beside it their own interpretation of the Mona Lisa!

The artiste has an affinity with Pinocchio! All the while that you are looking at these interesting interpretations of artwork, you can hear chanting in the background, drawing you into the next section of the Museum!

On the terrace in the second room overlooking an area that has wildfires, an army tank, graffiti on the ground that says in English and French: "Not a dictatorship of art." The chanting comes from the little figures on the ground.

The lower level features sculpture interpreted by black and white sketches! The sculptures are small bronze figurines on stands beside the sketches; then there are huge color pieces of contemporary artwork next to the sketches.

The artiste has offered us a personal glimpse of himself via drawing and he spoofs himself into some of the artwork, some of the them are funny, Rated R, and thoughtful!

Chappelle Moya is a real life artiste from France. On the ground level is a photo of him in Real Life and with him in the picture are sculptures seen in the Museum. The museum features photography, ceramics, in addition to the Fine Arts Museum!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hidden Art, Part Two

The other hidden art in Second Life are particles! Have you seen of this form of art in Second Life? There are particle emitters where you can poof anything you want from pictures of your love to butterflies, ghosts, and spiders.

Objects spew particles like volcanoes, stars, pictures, and fog. These are only the tip of the particle as to what you can poof in Second Life. There are quite a few of famous particle scripters that I know and you do too! The most widely know is Outy Banjo who makes particle scripts for builders to buy. For example, Julia Hathor will purchase a script from Outy or in her case pay him for an exclusive particle script to do something specific for her builds on the Creative sims!

Then there are other artiste's such as RacerX Gullwing who scripts moving particles for charity, funny fountains, and similar items for Burning Life, where I met him! He's irrepressible rabbit who races around Second Life promoting, "The Great Snail Races" for which he is very famous, but won't say a word about his charitable donations to raise money for the Relay for Life!

I loved RacerX's Very, Tiny Castle so much I featured it in my Art Gallery as a permanent center feature on the Second Floor of Elven Enchantment. I consisted of two prims and had a castle at the center and the outlaying village, that went through morning, noon, and night and at night there was a fireworks show! An incredible work of art!

Particles are scripts told to do something specific. Poof this texture, like this:

default {
state_entry() {
llParticleSystem( [ ] );

And yes, it does look similar to a script because it is a type of script, if this looks like fun you can go to: The Particle Laboratory and you can learn step by step how to make particles. Follow the arrows on the floor and touch all objects. You will get one or two paragraphs per notecard and hopefully by the time you are done, you will be a particle scripter bar none!

You can identify a particle script because you can walk right through it, this is not to be confuse with the ability to make something flexible such as hanging tree limbs and leaves!

If you are thinking that particles are not really hidden because you can see them, here are some interesting facts about particles. Particles can be emitted from any prim. Particles don't create sim or network lag, because they exist only on the viewer's computer; and only the texture and the particle definition needs to go over the network!

Particles are fun, flashy, and you can surprise your honey with hearts, quotes, or a picture! Enjoy your particle emitters and if you want head on over to The Particle Laboratory, to learn how to make these wonderful scripts, the SLurl is provided within this article!

Hidden Art, Part One

Tonight brought back memories of my initial reaction to Second Life Art. There is the open and obvious art, the statuary, paintings, drawings, sculptures, and then there is a hidden art that we all take for granted.

Scripts. Scripts are the hidden art in Second Life. Why? Because they run in the background making our lives easier, fun, and interactive. The people who have the ability to script are the unsung heroes of Second Life. Have you ever been asked, "Who do you know who scripts?"

Most people can't say a single name. Fortunately, I can say I know quite a few scripters who are brilliant at their craft and I know that they are among the many, Susan Steinbeck of the Morphing Sculpture fame and RacerX Gullwing of the Great Snail Races fame, Outy Banjo, who really needs no introduction, Drathon Montague, Digital Knight specializing in scripted art for your home, and Papo Lungu of Papo Lungu Custom Choppers!

Think about it, everything that moves from your Avie to the tree swaying in the wind is powered by a script. Have you seen a script? It reminded me of algebra and wow, I admire anyone who can decipher the script and then build it into a new script making something completely different:

llSay(0, "Hello, Avatar!");
touch_start(integer total_number)

llSay(0, "Touched.");

It is a special formula that makes your ao, guns, battle huds, and doors to open. Is it art? I know it is! I am in awe of the people who are so creative that they make such a beautiful piece of art work, hidden from obvious view of the denizens of Second Life who take them for granted that moving objects are just there!

I love the scripts that I use and I appreciate some nameless scripter who quietly put a string of words and numbers together so I can have my exploding volcano, my gestures, and my snow!

Scripts are truly the hidden art of our world! Join me for part two of this series and discover the other hidden art of Second Life!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Second Life Art Recources

Art in Second Life is everywhere, but how do you contact other artiste's and connect with them? The best way to connect to artiste's and their work is to belong to the Art & Artist's Network. It is a group, which anyone with Second Life art to advertise can join. Obey the posting rules and you will have an audience for your gallery opening, promoting guest artiste's at your gallery or an exhibit.

The other ways to use the search engine and put in "museum" and "art gallery" here you will find all the people who are spending money on advertising for their spot and you can teleport to view. Once there you can keep your eyes open for notecards to other sims where artiste's hang out.

Another way to find art is a newspaper in Second Life and read up on the happenings in the art world. Artiste's and/or gallery owners will write articles on their exhibitions and sometimes are featured in the newspaper.

Go to the Second Life, Linden Lab website and look under arts for the newest and most interesting spots in the art world, (also known as the Destination Guide!) you may not agree, but you can find some gems. Another resource on the Official Website is to search for art blogs that Linden Labs has listed, peruse them until you find art that you enjoy.

Another resource is the Events calender in Second Life. This is a free service to advertise events and lots of artist use this too. The events at the top of the list are live so go, live events are so much fun! If there is a dress code, you read about it in the event log and you can change and go!

Once you find something that interests you attend an exhibition, make friends join art groups, make a group of your own and enjoy the art world!

Remember EVERYTHING in Second Life is art! Enjoy! Smell the roses and relax! Beauty is all around you!

Monday, October 11, 2010


ArtNation is an eclectic gathering of artiste's who are continuing the Brooklyn Project by Jan Van Beuren, "Brooklyn is Watching." At first look you think, "yawn, boring," but I wanted to give the fair shake at with this group of artiste's and so I began exploring.

If you have been in Second Life for awhile, you realize that something is off on this sim, but what is it? It's grey with the prediction of rain, but you can predict the weather on a sim, but that's not quite right either, then you notice that there is a moon hanging in the in the distance, nothing too unusual about that and so you dodge the phantom heads to see what there is to see at this gather of artiste's.

The first thing I began interacting with was the chairs set in front of all the smiley faces! Hmm, not sure why anyone who isn't high would want to stare and smiley faces, but since I am sober, I move on!

My eye is drawn to the box with the picture of the blindfolded woman, but then I realize that it's a bunch of lines drawn over and over to achieve this picture! I see some chairs and click to sit. I am hurdled into the stratosphere and the am floating above the sim. I realize that there is definitely, something odd about this sim. It is here that I figure it out! I laugh and stand up and continue my explorations.

There is a trailer with a chair inside and I take a picture of the lonely chair, wondering how to get in, next to the "house" is a haunted forest. I am sucked into the forest, from the outside the forest is transparent, but it closes in around as you enter, invited by the fire.

Again, not too much of interest from first glance, but then I notice the fog, having a phobia of fog, I almost run out, but stay when I see the trees and the stars, then I notice a disembodied spirit floating around the room.

I exit the forest and found the entrance to the trailer so I spend some time taking pics in the chair and floating in a wading pool! Now here is where the question is posed, how do you get out of a house with no doors or windows?

I escape and head over to the boxes to see if I can go to the top? No elevator or teleporter so I am off to the sculpture in the distance.

I get lost washing my hands and taking pictures again! I finally get close to the sculpture and see some odd pictures and cross the bridge. Looking back it looks like a city, but it's just posts at different shapes. Looking down I see something hot pink in the water. I fly down and find another picture taking a moment and I walk up the river and find a phantom ball of string in the water or is it? I exit the river and look back and the ball of string winks at me from above the water, but I could have sworn that it was in the water when I was, my pics support both points of view!

I found a ride that didn't quite work, but I fly up to see what is up there anyway with my flight feather and I find the top of the world!

This is a fun interactive sim with quite of few of surprises! I enjoyed my time there as my pics that I took will tell you!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Artis Gallery Part 4: Center for Inworld Photography

Second Life pictures are unique to the viewer and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I love Second Life photographs they range from personal to majestic and they record the lives of our Avatars!

We enjoy sharing them with our loved ones and people we don't know. Pics are ingrained into our mesh from Basic Island when we took or in my case tried to take our first pic! Hahahaha! Not that any of us look like we did on Basic Help Island, but hey, that's what photos do for us give us happy memories or not so happy memories, they can be ookie and spookie beautiful and sad.

The last stop for me at Artis Gallery features Second Life photography, featuring landscapes by Kelen Ventris at first glance the landscapes look like Real Life photos, but then you look again and grin as you see the artistic Second Life look to them!

Jewel MacMoragh has portrayed the form of the female avatar in her photographs of nudes, partial body parts such as legs, and a half photo of the back of a female sitting in some undies is very attractive. The pictures are well done! The photographs in the middle of the floor have two different photos per gallery stand and the stands are works of art too!

Artis Gallery is owned by Patrick Cournoyer and his vision is to promote young and talented artiste's in Second Life. It is my opinion that he has found some wonderfully talented Second Life artiste's and I highly recommend a trip to view this gallery!

Artis Gallery Part 3: Pixel Gallery

Moving pixels are a signature art form found in Second Life, those of us who don't know how to make them are intrigued by them and when used for art are low prim and absolutely beautiful! The opening room in the Pixel Gallery features "Primordial Cocktail" and true to this form of art you can walk right through it!

There are three artiste's featured in this gallery the artiste on the first level is Eliza Quinzet who also has sculptures in the next room. My personal favorite is the "Time in a Bottle," which represents the evolution of life.

Ms. Quinzet says that her art is "influenced by the works of Louis Comfort Tiffany, Gustav Klimt, Marc Chagall and the estimable Pablo Picasso."

On the second level features Maryva Mayo who did the work on the kaleidoscope in the Sculpture Garden and there are two points to teleport to enjoy the real big scope in the Garden! If you are looking for unusual artwork for the walls of your private home or work the animated artwork here is a great find, some move slightly, some not so much, but her real masterpieces are in the back room and are the miniature kaleidoscopes in a wall picture, they move and spiral and are absolutely a treat!

On the third level of this gallery is the artwork of Fiona Leitner. Her artwork looks like mosaic upon first glance then you stare at it and you notice that it's really digital artwork on canvasses. Others look like stained-glass that you would find in a old-world, real life church. The intricate work is amazing. Fiona says that lots of her artwork is layered in Photoshop until she is pleased with the outcome!

The Pixel Gallery is a real interesting place to visit and represents Second Life artwork very well. Join me for Artis Gallery Part 4: Center for Inworld Photography!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Artis Gallery Part 2: Yeaxbleux's Greenhouse

Real Life Photography

As many of my long-time readers know, I am very fond of peaceful settings to show artwork whether it is Real Life or Second Life artwork. The landscaping in Yeaxbleux's Greenhouse is peaceful and beautiful. There are wooden, floating sidewalks around ponds with bamboo, lily pads, Egyptian Papyrus growing, and upon close up inspection you can spot koi fish swimming.

This is a great setting to portray the real life art of Rebecca Tolk whose photos are pictures of wildlife such as a wild, pink rose that looks so soft that you could bend over and smell it's delicate perfume.

Venturing down the paths, there are photographs taken underwater and flowers in full bloom. My favorite photograph is the winter landscape with thick snow on the tree branches, untouched with human footprints.

I teleported to the glass floor and a smile crossed my face! I adored my glass floors at my Museum and I absolutely love the view of the ponds and artwork as well as the sculpture garden it is amazing! Through the arched doorway is a terrace and it has a great view of the ocean! This was an amazing surprise! Well done!

The Rebecca Tolk show is sponsored by Petal Fairlock. This greenhouse and the artwork are a real treat!

The next article is Artis Gallery Part 3: Pixel Gallery.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Artis Gallery Part 1: "Sculpture Garden"

The Artis Gallery has been an Independent Gallery since 2007. It features several different galleries all content is Second Life or Real-Life based. I will be featuring the various parts of the gallery in a six-part series.

Sculpture Gallery

The Sculpture Garden features artwork by Elko Schufan and Maryva Mayo and they are incredible sculptures all different and individualistic.

Featured in the center of the garden is a kaleidoscope designed by Maryva Mayo. Using the mouselook, you can look into the kaleidoscope
and enjoy the moving pixels and colors. Unlike real-life you don't have to turn the end or look up into a bright light to enjoy the colorful shapes and spirals. There are four scopes so you can bring your friends and enjoy it together! You can teleport into the kaleidoscope and take pictures while the wild colors twirl around you!

All of the sculptures are by Eko the first seen is a twirling dervish hovering over a rock interlocking loops called, "A Crazy Day..... LOL." It's always good to maintain a sense of humor!

There is a claw-like circle holding a giant diamond with a fire pouring out of the center and it's named, "This Fire in Me."

The sculpture set in sand and from certain angles looks like a Japanese Toris Gate interlinked with a black fence. It's a fanciful description, but that is what the shapes from one angle reminds me of! It's called, "Zen." Set on one corner of this sculpture is a poofing red rose! It's beautiful and it's a free, take one!

"Stroke" is an interesting sculpture one twisty-leaf-like swirl is colored in stripes varied colors and the other is a solid steel-blue in the center between the two is pole with a red base. Twirling your camera position around this piece of art the idea of what it is changes. From one angle it looks like a Bird of Paradise and from another angle, looks like gemstones are about ready to jump into the palm of your hand! Whatever this looks like to you, it's a sparkling piece of art that you can purchase.

The next piece of artwork is called "Hey...time is running." It's an unmovable leaf floating on a pool of moving water with an interlocking piece of steel overhead.

There is a sculpture that looks like a child scribbling in straight , sharp, vertical lines, and you ask, "what the h*ll is this?" Then you move your camera out to look at it from another angle and see a red bird soaring above the world free of the mess and stress we live in! It's a striking sculpture.

There is a heart with a partial Cupid's arrow piercing it's center and was named, "Open Mind." Love does call for an open mind and spirit.

Tucked into a corner is a open shell with a pearl nestled inside--appropriately it's called, "Spring."

I recommend that when you visit, you enjoy the Sculpture Garden in both day and night settings. It's an absolutely gorgeous setting surrounding with waterfall and waves crashing over rocks out at sea and the waves washing up on the beach.

I highly recommend that you visit this Sculpture Garden and I hope you will join me for the Artis Gallery Part 2: Yeaxbleux's Greenhouse featuring Petal Fairlock and the real life photographs of Rebecca Tolk.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Museum on Identity Part 2

Split personalities. It's the pull and flux between our "player or human" and our avatar! I, the Player, laugh hysterically sometimes when I think about it! And what some psychologist will someday say! Atlantis says: My "player" has a Facebook page for me and a Twitter account and when she talks about Atlantis she talks about me in the third person giving me an Identity all my own!"

Since Second Life is a microscopic look into the huge world our "players" live in, I believe we can equate a year of being rezzed to about 20 human years. Things happen fast in Second Life so fast that you blink and you have missed it. Our Avies have great, big emotions, because our "players" live out their fantasies to some extent in Second Life, but even in this life we have to keep a cap on them just like in Real Life because Daddy Linden says we have too! Love, disappointment, failings, hate, successes, all become more intense and sometimes blown out of portion to the situation!

That leads us to the final question...Is what said in public chat as the same as in private? Doubtful! I have never tried to talk double what I say in open chat I say in private chat, hehehe! Oh, yeah that's true too! (My Player is laughing hysterically again!)

Who am I? Who are you? I don't know who you are, but I am a blue-skinned Sky Elf, born in the imagination of my real life "player" I have existed for many millennia, protecting humans against the Dark, "Things That Cannot Be Spoken Of", but have found a place in the popular myth and legends, that the humans are so fond of. Why did my "player" decide on a character that is not human?

My real life "player" is human and has always hoped to meet a being of another race, however, those races currently only reside in her imagination, now through me, she can live out of fantasy of being a seven foot, blue-skinned Sky Elf who has magical powers and has a life story that is fascinating!

The funniest thing of all is that my "player" thought everyone else would want to be an Other too, but found that most just want to live in an utopia that is their ideals of their heart!

The best thing about Second Life is that there are no rules, but the ones we impose on ourselves there are no levels to achieve except what drives you as a Real World person and again the question is asked: "Who is the virtual you?"

This fabulous, sim-wide exhibition is from October 1-31 and this Curator finds that it is a gem of an exhibition and loves the perspectives these artiste's have put into sculpture and on display for us all to enjoy and think about! I rate this as an absolute MUST see!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Caerleon Museum on Identity - Part 1

This is a limited time showing on the subject of identity in virtual worlds as based on Georg Janick's dissertation on virtual art, which states: " There are six aesthetic-technological dimensions that collectively distinguish the art of virtual worlds from earlier forms of art. They are immersion, interaction, ambiguity of identity, environmental fluidity, artificial agency, and networked collaboration."

The 18 artiste's who collaborated on this project chose to reflect on the ambiguity, which is the fifth exhibit on Identity that has been built on this site.

The landing spot has a hallway with pictures of different Second Life avatars and opens into a open space with a stairwell leading to the ground level which displays occupations that can be found in Second Life such as: Teaching, musicians, singers, artiste's, shoppers, Master or Mistress/slave to name a few!

Flying up to view the avatars on the upper level that represent the different types of avatars that you can find in Second Life such as: devils, pharaohs, mermaids, angels and demons, humans, Star War characters, Romans, furries, earth goddesses, mini-avies, to name a few... no Sky Elves, though, but I won't take offense!

Ages range from young to the old in human years to the immortals all begging the question, "Who are you?" "Who am I?" The artiste's who worked on this project divided up the main theatre into several distinct sections with exits to different parts of the sim. There is a hot air balloon ride that you can take before taking time for intimate exploration. Additionally, you can orbit around the sim and take a magic pillow ride!

I started my exploration that the "I am only a mesh" and it's the celebration on what makes us 3-D and rezzed in Second life! Who are you? Male or female? Human? Other? What is your occupation?

Are you Somebody or Nobody? Now there is a good question! Let's reflect for a moment. In humans our DNA dictates what we are going to look like, but as an Avatar what predicts what our mesh looks like? Are we a mirror or a reflection?

We are now digital, rezzed, but who are we? Gracie Kendall's "My Life as an Avatar" exhibit brings forth the question by a quote from Kurt Vonnegut, "We are what we pretend to be so be careful of we pretend to be."

Transworld Identity. Now that is quite the mouthful! What does it mean? I think it means to provoke thought, do we bring into Second Life our own selves or a portrayal of who we wish we could be given a perfect situation or do we pretend to be better in Second Life then who we are in Real Life?

"Now you see me!" Do I? Maybe I do, but maybe I don't. There is more to this exhibit then meets the eye. Like an onion, it has layers, an obvious one, but then one that with patience another is revealed! Perhaps it's like our Identity in Second Life! Or are we as lonely in Second Life as we are in First Life?

FreeWee Ling takes a gander into this question, one, I asked before I saw her exhibit! Perhaps we are as happy or lonely in our real or second lives as we allow or give ourselves permission to be. Hamlet said, "To be or not to be!" and Yoda said, "Don't try, Do!" I think we forget it in both lives to a great extent!

FreeWee Ling says: "I found the idea of wearing a mask in SL to be a hilarious satire. A curious redundancy, since our avatars themselves might be thought of as a kind of mask. Our freedom to express ourselves in this world comes in part from our ability to be anonymous, yet public by wearing an artificial persona. Curiously, very few artists in the show seemed to have grasped the brilliance of the idea."

The Identification Office brings to mind who polices us? We all know it's Linden Labs, but how to identify those who are wrong or right we all know it's the whim of the Terms of Service, but how much do we police ourselves? After all the original idea is that Second Life has no rules, but our own! Do we leave a virtual fingerprint?

The liquidity of our Avatar selves depends totally on who our "player" is, is it an extension of our imagination? Or are we as vague and ambiguous in our Second Life as we are in our First? Or are we the same in here as we are out "there?"

This gem of a show will be on exhibit until October 31st, never to be seen again! This is a must see! Join me for the final conversation on Identity in Part 2 of this interesting topic of Virtual Identity!

Dresden Gallery

Dresden Gallery is modeled after the Real Life Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Dresden, Germany, translated into English means: "Dresden State Art Collection of Dresden, Germany, owned by the State of Saxony" opened in 1855 and is one of the world's famous museums!

In Second Life the Dresden Gallery resides in Dresden and has 750 pictures of the Real Life Masters making this the biggest collection of Real Life masterpieces on display in Second Life. Displaying artwork of John Paul Rubens, Raphael, Giorgione, and Vermeer to name a few!

The museum features an Acoustiguide Tour for free, don on your headphones and touch the audio symbol and listen to the information about the artwork you are viewing. This is a new feature added since I last visited the museum! If you don't wish to use the audio guide, then click on the pictures and you will get a notecard telling you who painted it, when they painted it and the Gallery ownership number.

This is a must see for all Second Lifer's who enjoy art! The Dresden Gallery has lasted for all the years I have been in Second Life and I hope it continues with its success!

Morphing Sculpture

The Morphing Sculpture by Sasun Steinbeck is one of the most amazing pieces of Second Life artwork. It has fired my imagination since the first time I saw it morphing in a gallery over two years ago.

Ms. Steinbeck is a well-known scripter in Second Life and has been involved in SL since the September 2005. She entered Second Life wanting to create something that was truly unique to Second Life. This project took 2 years to complete, however the results are amazing, stunning, and beautiful.

My first view of this was the Summer of 2007. My neighbor on the first private estate my wife bought had one in her front yard. The sculpture was twirling on the lawn and it teased me into touching it! I was playing with it and our neighbor came out of the house. My wife and I apologized for playing with it, but our new neighbor said, no worries, it's why we bought it--it's a great icebreaker with our neighbors!

What is a Morphing Sculpture? Sasun Steinbeck says: "I wanted something very beautiful to look at, as well as fun for owners to play with. SecondLife gives us all amazing control over the shapes of the prims that we work with - but I wanted to make something that would create beautiful, complex, and unexpected shapes completely on it's own, as if it were a living thing, morphing into completely different shapes with every touch."

This is a 3-D medium that changes shapes, colors, and induces peace and tranquility when used with soft music. It can be adjusted to be as big or small as you wish it to be depending on how you want to use it.

When trying to photograph this wonderful piece of art, I had to find a setting and color that would allow for the delicacy as well as the robustness of this sculpture to come through. Imagine that each of these designs spins, changes colors, and then morphs into the next shape. These five shapes are only a few of the many varied shapes and colors this sculpture can be.

Additionally, the sculpture has a particle element, can glow, and change the asymmetrical angle in which it morphs. The owner can also change the spin speed to fast or slow it down, change the texture, and change the music selection.

This wonderful sculpture is one prim and sells for L$4000. In this Curator's opinion, I should have bought it when it was L$2500!

Blog in Transition

Maintaining a fully functioning sim is hard work, but when it brings in no money it gets expensive. In September 2008, I had to shut down my sim and withdraw from Second Life.

I am venturing back in-world now. I still have a passion for Second Life art and so I am transitioning my blog from featuring on my own museum and art gallery to featuring other peoples art galleries and the artwork displayed therein.

The plan for this blog is to review artwork on display introducing newbies to old artiste's as well as new artiste's.

With this journey in mind, I have changed my blog and updated the style, taking out pictures and links to give it a new look. I will be blogging at least one article a day, which means that some lucky person in Second Life will be featured here!

I will also featuring other blogs related to the art world in Second Life. All comments will be moderated by me and promptly posted!

This will be a fun journey, I hope you will travel it with me.

Atlantis Jewell
Former Curator of Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Landscaping at Elven Enchantment

Some of you have written to me asking where you can buy some of the items found at the museum. I would say that the items you find including the textures, unicorns, dragons, water, rocks, trees, shrubs, bridges, and animals are all creations of Julia Hathor's imagination! She is the most talented of SL developers for anything you can imagine, winter, summer, beach, underwater, above water, jungles.

She is a wonderful lady. Her sims are named, Creative Fantasy. I have provided a link to a SL website that will provide you with a description of her sims, what are on them and an SLurl!

Please note: She is a very busy woman and if you IM her please make sure it is related to something you purchased or you are looking for a specific item that is transferable, but not copable she will sell things copyable if you want it but not transferable and it is not copyable on the sim ask her to make it so.

The benches at Elven Enchantment are hers, but I asked her to take off the pigeons. She did and I have beautiful granite garden benches less the pigeons!

Creative Fantasy is my number one pick for SL Landscaping, Cheers Julia!

Atlantis Jewell,
Curator of Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery