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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Museum on Identity Part 2

Split personalities. It's the pull and flux between our "player or human" and our avatar! I, the Player, laugh hysterically sometimes when I think about it! And what some psychologist will someday say! Atlantis says: My "player" has a Facebook page for me and a Twitter account and when she talks about Atlantis she talks about me in the third person giving me an Identity all my own!"

Since Second Life is a microscopic look into the huge world our "players" live in, I believe we can equate a year of being rezzed to about 20 human years. Things happen fast in Second Life so fast that you blink and you have missed it. Our Avies have great, big emotions, because our "players" live out their fantasies to some extent in Second Life, but even in this life we have to keep a cap on them just like in Real Life because Daddy Linden says we have too! Love, disappointment, failings, hate, successes, all become more intense and sometimes blown out of portion to the situation!

That leads us to the final question...Is what said in public chat as the same as in private? Doubtful! I have never tried to talk double what I say in open chat I say in private chat, hehehe! Oh, yeah that's true too! (My Player is laughing hysterically again!)

Who am I? Who are you? I don't know who you are, but I am a blue-skinned Sky Elf, born in the imagination of my real life "player" I have existed for many millennia, protecting humans against the Dark, "Things That Cannot Be Spoken Of", but have found a place in the popular myth and legends, that the humans are so fond of. Why did my "player" decide on a character that is not human?

My real life "player" is human and has always hoped to meet a being of another race, however, those races currently only reside in her imagination, now through me, she can live out of fantasy of being a seven foot, blue-skinned Sky Elf who has magical powers and has a life story that is fascinating!

The funniest thing of all is that my "player" thought everyone else would want to be an Other too, but found that most just want to live in an utopia that is their ideals of their heart!

The best thing about Second Life is that there are no rules, but the ones we impose on ourselves there are no levels to achieve except what drives you as a Real World person and again the question is asked: "Who is the virtual you?"

This fabulous, sim-wide exhibition is from October 1-31 and this Curator finds that it is a gem of an exhibition and loves the perspectives these artiste's have put into sculpture and on display for us all to enjoy and think about! I rate this as an absolute MUST see!

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