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Friday, October 8, 2010

Artis Gallery Part 2: Yeaxbleux's Greenhouse

Real Life Photography

As many of my long-time readers know, I am very fond of peaceful settings to show artwork whether it is Real Life or Second Life artwork. The landscaping in Yeaxbleux's Greenhouse is peaceful and beautiful. There are wooden, floating sidewalks around ponds with bamboo, lily pads, Egyptian Papyrus growing, and upon close up inspection you can spot koi fish swimming.

This is a great setting to portray the real life art of Rebecca Tolk whose photos are pictures of wildlife such as a wild, pink rose that looks so soft that you could bend over and smell it's delicate perfume.

Venturing down the paths, there are photographs taken underwater and flowers in full bloom. My favorite photograph is the winter landscape with thick snow on the tree branches, untouched with human footprints.

I teleported to the glass floor and a smile crossed my face! I adored my glass floors at my Museum and I absolutely love the view of the ponds and artwork as well as the sculpture garden it is amazing! Through the arched doorway is a terrace and it has a great view of the ocean! This was an amazing surprise! Well done!

The Rebecca Tolk show is sponsored by Petal Fairlock. This greenhouse and the artwork are a real treat!

The next article is Artis Gallery Part 3: Pixel Gallery.

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