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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Second Life Art Recources

Art in Second Life is everywhere, but how do you contact other artiste's and connect with them? The best way to connect to artiste's and their work is to belong to the Art & Artist's Network. It is a group, which anyone with Second Life art to advertise can join. Obey the posting rules and you will have an audience for your gallery opening, promoting guest artiste's at your gallery or an exhibit.

The other ways to use the search engine and put in "museum" and "art gallery" here you will find all the people who are spending money on advertising for their spot and you can teleport to view. Once there you can keep your eyes open for notecards to other sims where artiste's hang out.

Another way to find art is a newspaper in Second Life and read up on the happenings in the art world. Artiste's and/or gallery owners will write articles on their exhibitions and sometimes are featured in the newspaper.

Go to the Second Life, Linden Lab website and look under arts for the newest and most interesting spots in the art world, (also known as the Destination Guide!) you may not agree, but you can find some gems. Another resource on the Official Website is to search for art blogs that Linden Labs has listed, peruse them until you find art that you enjoy.

Another resource is the Events calender in Second Life. This is a free service to advertise events and lots of artist use this too. The events at the top of the list are live so go, live events are so much fun! If there is a dress code, you read about it in the event log and you can change and go!

Once you find something that interests you attend an exhibition, make friends join art groups, make a group of your own and enjoy the art world!

Remember EVERYTHING in Second Life is art! Enjoy! Smell the roses and relax! Beauty is all around you!

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