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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Museum of Fine Arts, Moya

Museum of Fine Arts in Moya has a startling twist on traditional art. The artiste has taken work of Real Life Masters such as the Mona Lisa and then hung right beside it their own interpretation of the Mona Lisa!

The artiste has an affinity with Pinocchio! All the while that you are looking at these interesting interpretations of artwork, you can hear chanting in the background, drawing you into the next section of the Museum!

On the terrace in the second room overlooking an area that has wildfires, an army tank, graffiti on the ground that says in English and French: "Not a dictatorship of art." The chanting comes from the little figures on the ground.

The lower level features sculpture interpreted by black and white sketches! The sculptures are small bronze figurines on stands beside the sketches; then there are huge color pieces of contemporary artwork next to the sketches.

The artiste has offered us a personal glimpse of himself via drawing and he spoofs himself into some of the artwork, some of the them are funny, Rated R, and thoughtful!

Chappelle Moya is a real life artiste from France. On the ground level is a photo of him in Real Life and with him in the picture are sculptures seen in the Museum. The museum features photography, ceramics, in addition to the Fine Arts Museum!

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