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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Artis Gallery Part 4: Center for Inworld Photography

Second Life pictures are unique to the viewer and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I love Second Life photographs they range from personal to majestic and they record the lives of our Avatars!

We enjoy sharing them with our loved ones and people we don't know. Pics are ingrained into our mesh from Basic Island when we took or in my case tried to take our first pic! Hahahaha! Not that any of us look like we did on Basic Help Island, but hey, that's what photos do for us give us happy memories or not so happy memories, they can be ookie and spookie beautiful and sad.

The last stop for me at Artis Gallery features Second Life photography, featuring landscapes by Kelen Ventris at first glance the landscapes look like Real Life photos, but then you look again and grin as you see the artistic Second Life look to them!

Jewel MacMoragh has portrayed the form of the female avatar in her photographs of nudes, partial body parts such as legs, and a half photo of the back of a female sitting in some undies is very attractive. The pictures are well done! The photographs in the middle of the floor have two different photos per gallery stand and the stands are works of art too!

Artis Gallery is owned by Patrick Cournoyer and his vision is to promote young and talented artiste's in Second Life. It is my opinion that he has found some wonderfully talented Second Life artiste's and I highly recommend a trip to view this gallery!

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