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Monday, October 11, 2010


ArtNation is an eclectic gathering of artiste's who are continuing the Brooklyn Project by Jan Van Beuren, "Brooklyn is Watching." At first look you think, "yawn, boring," but I wanted to give the fair shake at with this group of artiste's and so I began exploring.

If you have been in Second Life for awhile, you realize that something is off on this sim, but what is it? It's grey with the prediction of rain, but you can predict the weather on a sim, but that's not quite right either, then you notice that there is a moon hanging in the in the distance, nothing too unusual about that and so you dodge the phantom heads to see what there is to see at this gather of artiste's.

The first thing I began interacting with was the chairs set in front of all the smiley faces! Hmm, not sure why anyone who isn't high would want to stare and smiley faces, but since I am sober, I move on!

My eye is drawn to the box with the picture of the blindfolded woman, but then I realize that it's a bunch of lines drawn over and over to achieve this picture! I see some chairs and click to sit. I am hurdled into the stratosphere and the am floating above the sim. I realize that there is definitely, something odd about this sim. It is here that I figure it out! I laugh and stand up and continue my explorations.

There is a trailer with a chair inside and I take a picture of the lonely chair, wondering how to get in, next to the "house" is a haunted forest. I am sucked into the forest, from the outside the forest is transparent, but it closes in around as you enter, invited by the fire.

Again, not too much of interest from first glance, but then I notice the fog, having a phobia of fog, I almost run out, but stay when I see the trees and the stars, then I notice a disembodied spirit floating around the room.

I exit the forest and found the entrance to the trailer so I spend some time taking pics in the chair and floating in a wading pool! Now here is where the question is posed, how do you get out of a house with no doors or windows?

I escape and head over to the boxes to see if I can go to the top? No elevator or teleporter so I am off to the sculpture in the distance.

I get lost washing my hands and taking pictures again! I finally get close to the sculpture and see some odd pictures and cross the bridge. Looking back it looks like a city, but it's just posts at different shapes. Looking down I see something hot pink in the water. I fly down and find another picture taking a moment and I walk up the river and find a phantom ball of string in the water or is it? I exit the river and look back and the ball of string winks at me from above the water, but I could have sworn that it was in the water when I was, my pics support both points of view!

I found a ride that didn't quite work, but I fly up to see what is up there anyway with my flight feather and I find the top of the world!

This is a fun interactive sim with quite of few of surprises! I enjoyed my time there as my pics that I took will tell you!

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