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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Artis Gallery Part 1: "Sculpture Garden"

The Artis Gallery has been an Independent Gallery since 2007. It features several different galleries all content is Second Life or Real-Life based. I will be featuring the various parts of the gallery in a six-part series.

Sculpture Gallery

The Sculpture Garden features artwork by Elko Schufan and Maryva Mayo and they are incredible sculptures all different and individualistic.

Featured in the center of the garden is a kaleidoscope designed by Maryva Mayo. Using the mouselook, you can look into the kaleidoscope
and enjoy the moving pixels and colors. Unlike real-life you don't have to turn the end or look up into a bright light to enjoy the colorful shapes and spirals. There are four scopes so you can bring your friends and enjoy it together! You can teleport into the kaleidoscope and take pictures while the wild colors twirl around you!

All of the sculptures are by Eko the first seen is a twirling dervish hovering over a rock interlocking loops called, "A Crazy Day..... LOL." It's always good to maintain a sense of humor!

There is a claw-like circle holding a giant diamond with a fire pouring out of the center and it's named, "This Fire in Me."

The sculpture set in sand and from certain angles looks like a Japanese Toris Gate interlinked with a black fence. It's a fanciful description, but that is what the shapes from one angle reminds me of! It's called, "Zen." Set on one corner of this sculpture is a poofing red rose! It's beautiful and it's a free, take one!

"Stroke" is an interesting sculpture one twisty-leaf-like swirl is colored in stripes varied colors and the other is a solid steel-blue in the center between the two is pole with a red base. Twirling your camera position around this piece of art the idea of what it is changes. From one angle it looks like a Bird of Paradise and from another angle, looks like gemstones are about ready to jump into the palm of your hand! Whatever this looks like to you, it's a sparkling piece of art that you can purchase.

The next piece of artwork is called "Hey...time is running." It's an unmovable leaf floating on a pool of moving water with an interlocking piece of steel overhead.

There is a sculpture that looks like a child scribbling in straight , sharp, vertical lines, and you ask, "what the h*ll is this?" Then you move your camera out to look at it from another angle and see a red bird soaring above the world free of the mess and stress we live in! It's a striking sculpture.

There is a heart with a partial Cupid's arrow piercing it's center and was named, "Open Mind." Love does call for an open mind and spirit.

Tucked into a corner is a open shell with a pearl nestled inside--appropriately it's called, "Spring."

I recommend that when you visit, you enjoy the Sculpture Garden in both day and night settings. It's an absolutely gorgeous setting surrounding with waterfall and waves crashing over rocks out at sea and the waves washing up on the beach.

I highly recommend that you visit this Sculpture Garden and I hope you will join me for the Artis Gallery Part 2: Yeaxbleux's Greenhouse featuring Petal Fairlock and the real life photographs of Rebecca Tolk.

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