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Friday, January 25, 2008

Changes at Elven Enchantment Musuem and Art Gallery

Since opening our doors on September 1, 2007, Elven Enchantment has gone through some incredible changes. Elven Enchantment hosted its first Exhibition in November 07 showcasing Spiral Silverstar's factal art. Next, Gracie Barbosa kindly consented to exhibit a part of her RL photograph collection, and our current exhibitor is Lexy Wilder.

We also have awesome artiste's whose artwork has been displayed in the Art Gallery for sometime and with each new exhibitor we have exclusive and multi-copy artwork that remains in the Art Gallery. The Art Gallery grew too small so this week a fourth level was raised up, moving the art gallery to the fourth level and the third level remains the exhibition space for artiste whose work are being shown for the month.

The aquarium moved up to the fourth level too as it was too big to remain as a center element on the third level. Additional artwork will be available for purchase in the art gallery choice pictures from the "Beauty in Bondage" will be available for purchase in early to mid-February.

We are gearing up for another artiste, who is a digital painter--Eden Cale. We will be welcoming him to the Elven Enchantment family on the second weekend of February.

There is only one stairwell going up to the gallery level as the curator was trying to save on prims. To access the new level, go to the middle stairwell on the third level and you can walk up to the Art Gallery.

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