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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Women of RL/SL Beauty

During the months of January and February we are celebrating Women of Beauty in Second Life and Real Life.

The Garden Level in tradition of Elven Enchantment is filled with SL Women of Beauty the the first set of pictures is of Gorgeous Rosa was taken by PJ Trenton, a SL photographer. There is a black and white series turning this color spread to black and white was inspired by Magdalena Cazalet's remark...Atty that picture looks like a "Film Noir" photograph.

There is a beautiful woman tied up to the Japanese Bondage structure that was on display at Elven Enchantment's opening. The next set of photographs are donated by Elven Enchantment's Patrons Chastitiy DeCuir and Ailenor Laval. This photograph was used on their wedding invitations and so absolutely beautiful that it takes the viewer's breath away.

The "Two Beauty's" has made a reappearance at the Museum as it was out during the opening month of September and the Fairies from Sunrise to Midnight are the final phase in the SL Women of Beauty series.

The Real Life Women of Beauty is reflected on the First Level of the Museum, which has been changed to display the photographic donations of Rhad McMillan, RL/SL Master and Museum Patron in the "Beauty in Bondage" series. The Museum's pick for this series is "Master's Touch."

The Real Life Masters Floor has remained the same, as this floor is only changed out once a year.

The Third Level has new art in the Art Gallery and of course the Lexy Wilder Painting Exhibition is on the West side of this level. These are her real life paintings of her homeland, using oil and acrylic the beautiful landscapes are painted and she provided one sketch as well. The items for purchase are on the northern wall of the third floor. The Museum's pick for this exhibition is "Waterfall." An enchanted forest where this Curator would love to play hide and seek! Thanks Lexy for sharing your fantastic real life artwork with us in Second Life.

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