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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Spiral Art Gallery

The Spiral Art Gallery is a great example of the most dynamic fractal art gallery in Second Life. Spiral Silverstar's fractal art has evolved in Second Life over the years. From enchanting fractal eggs of 2007 to the fractal mirrors of 2013, from the static fractal art to kinetic fractal art; the moving images at this gallery draws you in fascinates the mind and tricks the eyes.

The Moon and Muses is enchanting with twinkling stars, moons and the vast ocean of space behind, daring the viewer to believe in something bigger than themselves. These fractals are magical, enticing, and enchanting. Another enchanting piece is Love. At first one thinks this cannot be about love until one sees the heart of the fractal pieces woven into the artwork. This piece starts with the heart and spirals out in pink and gold.

This art gallery is decorated in subdued tones lending a peaceful surroundings to view the artwork and to contemplate the meaning of the pieces to the viewer.

This artwork is not to be missed!

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