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Friday, September 21, 2007

What is Second Life?

Has anyone ever told you to get a life? Hmm, I am sure if you are like me you have heard it at least once or maybe twice! Now you can get a Second Life!

Second Life is best described as a 3d Interactive Chat room. If you are familiar with chat in any shape such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Google, etc., then you understand that you type a line the the "chat box" and get a reply from whomever you are talking.

Now take the above description of a normal chat room and put it on steroids, then kick it up a notch and make it 3-d with your own Avatar (Avie as we call it In-World) dress yourself as a vampire, elf, drow, furry, human, dress yourself, go forth and chat!

We have IM's just like a chat room, except we can fly, teleport, make everything you can see in Second Life and some things you cannot like scripts that run in the background, we have houses with adult poseballs*) (trust me a good thing), dance clubs, museums, art galleries, communities, land to purchase, money to buy stuff, and you now have a souped up chat room of the likes that you have not yet seen!!

Guess what? Daddy Linden allows you to try out this world with a free account. Now a word of advice...You may choose your first name, but please, please do not put a number after your name...if your choice of first name is taken paired up with a last name provided by Daddy Linden, choose another last name or another first name. Log on and you have a new birthday...Happy Rezz Day! Mine is April 9, 2007, I grew up fast *)!

Lastly, remember that there are real people behind the avies you come into contact with, live, love and have fun.

If you decide to upgrade your account...tell Daddy Linden his favorite Sky Elf Atlantis Jewell sent you...and to IM me and let me know you are inworld and I will be very happy to give you a hug and Landmarks to get some awesome free stuff!

Carp Diem!

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