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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Description of the Museum

On the First Level on the west side of the Museum is the Scripted Art of Drathon Montague. In Second Life, all items you see are either built or scripted to animate movement in-world. The Scripted Art featured in the Museum is "Lunar Month", "Houston", and "Sunset Sailing" in each piece of art there are elements that move and interact with the still textures bringing the art alive with movement and passion.

Another artiste featured on the northwest and eastern walls are the lovely sketches of Dominique May. These are real life sketches that she has done and they are lovely representations of pointillism.

In order to preserve the beauty of the Gardens, glass flooring was put in on the First, Second and Third Levels. On each of the levels of the Museum above the gardens has a feature element and on the First Level there are two distinct items that are not to be missed, the First Level Element has pottery, ancient vases, and wolf fountain. The second attraction are the big windows overlooking the Grove. The moving statuary, trees, and rainbows can be seen to advantage from this point in the Museum.

On the Second Level is the incredible Private Art Collection of Mello Bonetto who has kindly lent to the Museum his extensive Van Gogh and Picasso canvasses. Each canvas has been identified by its proper real life name and period in which the real life artistes rendered them complete. There are notecard dispensers that detail each painting in this collection. The Museum received an On Lend of a Monet from Ailenor Laval and purchased the paintings of Michelangelo, Rubens, and Da Vinci.

The center element is a scripted, eight prim build that is a Fairy Tale Castle and designed and built by RacerX Gullwing who made this work available for purchase and all proceeds during the Relay for Life was donated to charity.

The final element separates the Magic Revealed and the Art Gallery is an aquarium. The aquarium is 10 meters by 10 meters by 10 meters. The entire build was a challenge. First, the shape of the aquarium had to fit into the space provided for the center floor elements. The next challenge was reshaping whirlpool water to look convincing as ocean water as the aquarium is a salt water aquarium. Then finding the coral reefs, ocean fish, and the shark.

The shark was much too big for the space that I provided so I had to ask the creator to shrink it to fit within the confines of my aquarium, which he happily did. Finally the "steel" bands were put into place and the glass put in and the water didn't fit the aquarium. All the work had to be taken apart so the water element could be fixed and once corrected the glass had to be put back together and the entire build locked together.

As the newest museum in Second Life, it was built to compete with other Museum's that as creator of the build had not viewed the competition. The vision for the museum and its grounds was to make the place a tribute to artistic beauty in Second Life, providing an atmosphere of peacefulness, beauty, and romance, enhancing the viewing experience of the art within its walls.

Only a visitor to the Museum may judge whether this vision has been met.

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