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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Grand Opening of Digital Knight Scripted Art Studio

Everything in SL is art, not all art is created equal or even beautiful in SL, however, some art stands out and deserves recognition. The Museum has three scripted pieces of artwork hung on the First Level, West Wall "Lunar Month", "Houston", and "Sunset Sailing". These pieces represent artwork that combines a hidden art in SL with beautiful, scenic settings, citycapes, and wildlife.

What is the hidden art in SL? Scripts, scripting, and inserting these scripts into objects so that we can interact, within our world, with other avatars, objects, and in this case animates the artwork to have moving elements making the common scene more, awe inspiring, mesmerizing, and makes the viewer go hmm, how did they do that?

For the purpose of this article, I will only speak on the three pieces of artwork currently on display in the Museum. "Lunar Month" is a 24-moving, texture of the phases of the lunar cycle, beginning with a thumbnail, and advancing to the full moon, and returning to the outline. The script that makes this piece of art was a very difficult set of instructions to assemble to make this artwork move. The end results are incredibly peaceful and beautiful.

"Houston" is a cityscape and the first one Mr. Montague did to see if scripted artwork was possible to do. In the foreground is the skyline of the city of Houston, USA with its skyscrapers and awesome buildings that make up the city centre of Houston. Behind the skyline of Houston are dark, angry thunder clouds blowing a gale over the city, highlighted by lightening strikes to the ground dazzling the viewer to its ferocious nature of this storm.

"Sunset Sailing" is a peaceful, brilliant orange sun sinking down into the horizon of an ocean, a silhouetted sail boat in the foreground sailing across the water, preparing for an evening of calm sailing. This piece is an Exclusive Limited Edition Series of 20 pieces that once sold will no longer be available for purchase except from an owner of "Sunset Sailing". Each piece has a Certificate of Authenticity both in the form of a notecard and texture so that tracing provence back to Elven Enchantment Art Gallery is an easy thing to do. All pieces are transferable, so you may purchase the artwork as a gift for your friends, loves, or a gift for a business partner a wonderful way to say, "Thanks." You may also resize the artwork without hurting the integrity of the moving elements or distorting the picture. All these pieces of artwork are for the art lover who wishes to have a beautiful piece of low prim, low lag moving art without taking up a lot of space and will fit nicely on any wall.

Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery is honored to present Digital Knight Scripted Art Studio's grand opening on October 1 at 5-8 p.m., SLT. Mr. Montague will be on hand to answer your questions on his newer pieces and oversee a contest for a free piece of artwork called "Tall Ship". The contest will run until 7:30 p.m., SLT at which time the first person to correctly identify elements in "Tall Ship" will win a copy of "Tall Ship". Please IM Mr. Montague or Ms. Jewell for the complete details on the contest.

In addition to being able to purchase all Mr. Montague's current artwork, if you have a request for Custom or Exclusive artwork, you may leave a notecard in the suggestion box and Mr. Montague will be in touch with you to discuss what you would like completed. Custom work is artwork that will be resold in quantity at the Studio after your piece is completed. Exclusive artwork is one of a kind artwork and your piece will be the only one in existence in SL. Contact Mr. Montague for a quotation for both Custom and Exclusive work.

Scripting is an art in SL, and in the opinion this Curator, one that is unsung and unnoticed and for the most part taken for granted in our world. Personally, I have taken several scripting lessons and can admire some of the complexities that goes into creating a script from scratch. The language that makes up the art form of scripting has its basis in algebra. You must be able to correctly identify the commands and the order those commands to do something that the end results is something usable in Second Life. If you are like me, and hate math more advanced then the @sum on a spreadsheet then scripting will offer complexities that are truly mind boggling. My conclusion was leave the scripting to the unsung talents in SL and enjoy what they present to us in our world.

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