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Sunday, September 9, 2007

History of Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery

As with anything, there is a history to why something happened or was developed. It is especially true with Elven Enchantment. When I first logged onto the grid, I truly did not get how to take snapshots using our camera tools. My wife, Chastity taught me, but the pictures did not turn out well because it took me a while to master the ability to use my panning features of moving the camera. However, this Elf finally figured it out..and a shutterbug was born.

I will take pictures of anything and my passion was pictures of my wives in very intimate moments in our SL lives, which mattered not to anyone, as all enjoy taking and sharing pictures with each other.

At the time, my wife Maggie shared her blog with me and it really tickled my fancy and I began developing my personal bog, which is the background for my avatar, to share with my friends, however, I needed a decent picture to place on my blog. I had just purchased Photoshop and began playing with my snapshots. The very first picture was of "Early Days" and my wife Chastity took one look at it and exclaimed that it was a beautiful extraction and congrats as extractions were the hardest element to do in Photoshop.

Being one of my first pieces in Photoshop, I really had no idea what she was talking about but was tickled I had accidentally did something wonderful, from a professionals point of view and thus "Early Days" hung in our home and I began contemplating how I could combine my passion for SL pictures and Photoshop.

As I began perusing my snapshots in my photo album, I decided that correcting the SL bugs in the photographs with Photoshop and then displaying them would be fun. So using Photoshop, I did a few more pictures and then I discovered how to use the texturizing tool in Photoshop and I began canvassing all my photographs.

As the pictures were completed I would shyly show my wives my progress and obtain honest opinions of my work and with encouragement from Chas and Maggie I continued uploading and downloading and working on my canvasses.

In June 2007, we lived where the western part of the gallery is now and our property extended to corner where the sidewalk extends south towards the grove. Around the first of July we had decided to purchase beach front property on another sim and I bought out my wives interest in the property in Eunpyung. At the time, the landlord who owned the land sold it to Mr. Dano Singh who is the current landlord of all the land connected to the gallery.

Now I must confess, I spent several weeks building on OI, but had not built a thing on the mainland since Chastity and I came over, so I began some experimental building and my walls were crooked and sidewalks uneven. I began asking friends who they knew in SL that had built their own stuff to perfection. My friend Zaknafien Barbosa said he knew the owner of the Blue Tattoo and he built his entire club and his own home. Having been dancing there a time or two I knew the high quality of this build. So I asked Mr. Barbosa for an introduction to Mr. Pat Wunderland the owner of the club for a building lesson.

Mr. Wunderland showed me how to assign one face textures, build by numbers, and and to build with .5 of an meter of thickness for the walls. Back at the gallery I began reworking all my walls and floors. My, what a difference this 30 minute lesson had in my ability to build!

About at this same time I began suffering from lag. I could not receive incoming IMs or outgoing IM's nor could I teleport out of the Museum. I thought it was Daddy L and all residents know the name of that tune--rolling reboot of the sim. However, Daddy L was vindicated when I caught a glimpse of a phantom wall thrust into mine. I only discovered this when the phantom wall gobbled up my walls.

Thinking that I had built accidentally onto someones property, I turned on the view property lines option. My walls were indeed on my property, crooked, but on my property all the same. I IMd the owner of the property at the time and asked her to remove her phantom walls off my property. I was told if I took down my walls she'd take down hers. Recognizing this as blackmail as her land had become landlocked, I made a harassment report to Daddy L, who took care of the problem, but what he could not take care of was the 20 foot ugly wall my neighbor chose to hoist up on her side of the property. The real sad thing about this situation was if this neighbor had IMd me and explained her problem, I would have happily moved my entire museum down the property as at the time, my other neighbor on the south wall, had an ugly sign that I had to build around, however this didn't happen.

I hoisted up my walls higher so my visitors would not have to suffer the indignity of seeing that ugly wall. While this drama was happening, my landlord Dano was scouring the sim for more prim property as I was not prim conscience on this build because the more I built the grander my creative ideas became...I felt that prims should not be counted during the building or hinder the creative process. In the end Dano found me close to four thousand prims and linked them to the property.

In the meantime, I was purchasing art, speaking to artiste's, still learning to attention to the details on my build. In mid-July I met Marissa LeFabrve who is a talented builder and brilliant artiste. She taught me how to finish the edges. If you look at where the glass floors meet the marble floor, the .5 meter thickness under normal circumstances would not be marbled, but squished lines. Mari taught me how to rotate the texture on a prim and face repeats of the texture so the marble look extends down over the sides of the flooring. Mari also rebuilt my walls and floors so that I could free up my prims.

With two weeks to go, I called on my SL family and friends to help me with the final push to finish the gallery, my wife Taranae Rhode proofread my signs...ouch, without spell and grammar checks, which when you are in Photoshop you do not have the advantage of, well, I have discovered that I really have become a rotten speller, but I suppose working on this project late at night, blurry-eyed did not help either.

Chastity DeCuir and Pateagle Amat helped me with Internet research putting names and dates to the On Lend Collection of Van Goghs and Picassos. Chas, Pat, Tara sent out invitations to the various pre-gala events and to the opening night. Mr. Montague came though with scripts for my notecard dispensers, notecard rotations, and giving notecards and landmarks to someone who touches an object.

Without the help of these SL residents, Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery would not have been finished for September 1, 2007, which was our gala night.

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