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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Calendar of Events

Elven Enchantment is preparing for an exciting fall line up of parties, shows and exhibitions. The Calendar of Events are as follows:

September 1, 2007, Gala Opening Night of the Museum

October 1, 2007, Grand Opening of Digital Knight Scripted Art Studio, Magical Dreams, Odessa Astounding (232, 183, 21) Mature. Time: 5-8 p.m. SLT. Contest: "Tall Ship" Must be there to win!!

October 31, 2007, "Ookie, Spookie, and Groosome", Halloween Costume Party and CARP Maze! Come dressed in your most scary, sexy costume and view the Halloween canvasses that will be for viewing around the garden, along with a personal Exclusive Scripted Halloween art: Odd Couple form the personal collection of Atlantis Jewell. Truly disturbing SL images, sexy mermaids, and the Kiss of Death Series! Be prepared to have the Ebbie Jeebies scared out of you with all the spookie Halloween decor and be sure to only have your night view on so to completely enjoy this one of a kind experience. However this night is not for the faint of heart...there will be semi dressed or completely nekkid people playing the Museum's version of capture roll play of which there is a L$100 cover charge and participants are allowed to run amok through the maze and all levels of the museum!! All participants must wear an Elven Enchantment Poofer for ID before any play may happen between Predator and Prey!! Come, bring your friends, lets crash this sim for Halloween night!!

November 12-30, 2007, First Exhibition of Elven Enchantment, featuring the fantastic fractal art of Spiral Silverstar and the personal fractal collection of Atlantis Jewell. Mr. Silverstar is an artist who uses math and a very sharp artistic eye to combine spirals in lovely arrangements of color and design. Watch here for more information.

December 10-26, 2007, Photograph Art Exhibition featuring the personal photographs of Mr. Mello Bonetto, Maximus Barbosa, and other talented SL photographers. Watch here for more information.

December 31, 2007, "New Year's Party" Come dressed to the nines in your best formals and dance the night away, usher the New Year in with SL fireworks and champagne!! Contest: Best Dressed Formal Women/Men. Watch here for more details.

January 14-February 13, 2008, Theme: "Women of Beauty" Come enjoy the extensive BDSM collection of Patron Rhad McMillian, sketches of Dominique May, and other talented artiste celebrating the Beauty of Women in RL and SL.

February 14, 2008, "Happy Valentines Day Party!" To end our month long Exhibition of "Beauty of Women" we will have another formal party, best dressed in red Women and best dressed formal for Men, cause lets face it no guy wants to dress in complete red so, guys break out those handsome tailcoats and top hats and bring your SL love over for a dance, fireworks and a very romantic time at the Museum.

March 2008: "Sculpture" This will be our first exhibition of sculpture in SL, giving the Curator a chance to find some really fantastic pieces for your enjoyment. Contest: Best First Build. Watch here for more information on the contest.

Watch this blog for more information or IM Atlantis Jewell to join Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery's Group for updates that are sent to group members automatically!!

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