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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Artiste's and Their Art

Second Life is full of talented Artiste's who bring incredible beauty to our lives. The contributing artiste's to Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery are divided up into several categories: Creator's, Art Contributor's, and Artiste.

The Creator's of art at the museum are as follows:

Atlantis Jewell: Designed and built Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery and chose all the art on display on all levels of the Museum. Ms. Jewell also raided her personal snapshot collection and using Photoshop, redesigned the erotic art on the Garden Level and hung the canvas for the enjoyment of all visitor's and guests. Of all that was built in this museum, the hardest element was the aquarium and the placement of the water within the glass aquarium and putting sea life within it's confines.

Mello Bonetto: Designed and created the lovely gardens and grove. He had free creator's reign over the design and placement of all plant life in the garden. The major elements such as the fountains were found by Ms. Jewell. Mr. Bonetto also suggested putting the potted plants on the other levels to add green to the other floors.

Chastity DeCuir: Designed and built the rotating picture box found beside the bench on the southwest side of the Garden Level. The scripts was provided by Mr. Drathon Montague.

The following list is a complete list of all those who made something that is in the garden and grove:

Alberto Linden, Azrazael Maracas, Cattra Montagne, Christos Atlantis, Cierra Anatine, Dominique May, Elisandra Ree, Eric Linden, Fey Brightwillow, Charmaine Huber, Gene Replaceme, Higbee Protagon, Honeybaby Beac, Jemma Flora, Jesrad Seraph, Julia Hathor, Keith Extraordina, Khamon Fate, Ky Callahan, Laurenzo Allen, Liliana Bethune, Lion Ewry, Luna Bliss, Lyric Alexander, Mikey Fairlane, Nomasha Syaka, Olympia Rebus, Sarah Nerd, Siggy Romulus, Stardust Suncha, Siggy Romulus, Duntroon Donbur, Maggie Morgan, Michael Kolache, Starax Statoksy, and Liliana Bethune.

There are two creators above that must be mentioned for their creative brilliance and they are Julia Hathor who created the marble benches, dragon fountain, and flower floor fauna her attention to detail has made the Museum shine. Another creator of note is Duntroon Donbur who brought in the RL Masters into SL and whose beauty can be viewed on the Second Level.

The art Contributors are the SL Resident's whose artwork caught the fancy of Ms. Jewell, who purchased the art for the Museum and they are as follows:

Hamish Obzina--"Unicorn"

Charmaine Huber--"Lier", "Beloved", "Devotion", "Nude I", "Courbet 4"

Elisabeth Beurlin--"Planet Seattle" and three pottery pieces near the center stairs, First Level

There are several artiste's whose work shines in the gallery and they are as follows:

Drathon Montague is a talented SL scripter and has created Scripted Art that may be viewed in the Museum's First Level West. His creations include, but not limited to: "Lunar Month", "Houston", and "Sunset Sailing". Each work of art has moving pieces that may be seen when viewed.

"Lunar Month" is popular work of art. When viewed the moon cycles through its lunar phases that in RL take a whole month to perfect, but may be viewed here in two to three second intervals. This piece has 24 textures that cycle in and out beginning with a faint outline of the moon, fingernail, and gradually moves to full moon.

"Houston" reveals the city center of Houston, Texas USA and has a stormy, forked lightening affected background with moving stormy clouds.

"Sunset Sailing" is part of the Art Gallery's Exclusive Limited Edition Series of 20 that once sold will never be available to purchase again in SL unless you can talk an owner into parting with his or her original piece or art. This piece is a brilliant orange sun setting on the ocean horizon and a silhouette of a sailboat sailing across the horizon. The few remaining Exclusive Limited Editions may be found in the Art Gallery on the third floor.

Dominique May is a talented SL resident whose RL artwork is represented in the following pieces: "Love Hurts", which is a study in facial structure and pencil sketch. "Sorrow's Rose" is a picture of man gazing sorrowfully at a rose and this piece of art is in pointillism pen and ink drawing. "Renate @ 16" is a beautiful sketch of Ms. May's RL mother at 16. These sketches may be found on the east wall first level.

Ms. May has also two more pieces that may be found on the northwest wall of the Second Level next to "Sunset Sailing". These two pieces are also sketches and are as follows: "Collage of Faces and Emotions" and are sketched using a sketch board medium. "Polaroid's" is a study in multi-mediums including: pastel, pen, ink, and pencil and utilizing various technique's such as pointillism, posterization, and crosshatching.

The center element of the Second Floor is a Fairy Tale Castle designed and created by RacerX Gullwing. This is a mixed creation of a prim build and script. This lovely piece has a beautiful castle at its center and a village surrounding it. The elements change as the SL day progresses from sunrise to sunset and at sunset there are fireworks to be viewed at the Fairy Tale Castle. This piece was available to purchase during the Relay for Life held this past August.

In the Art Gallery you will find the Asian art of Shenn Coleman and the photography of Maxumus Barbosa. Mr. Colman's art features brilliant textures and color. Mr. Barbosa's photos are of his RL home of Bermuda.

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