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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Elven Enchantment has been very fortunate in having Patrons and Supporters of the Museum that has gone a long way in its building, development, and art that is hung within its walls. Below is a list of the Museums Patrons and it is with thanks that I list them and their contributions to Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery.

Mr. Dano Singh

Mr. Singh is my landlord. He has rented out the prims to me at lower price then he normally rents them. In addition to this, he has donated prims outright, given monetary contributions, taught me building techniques, come to the Museum at a moment's notice, passed along information to the SL media about the Museum, and has lent the Museum the beautiful photograph of "Twins" which may be viewed on the First Floor on the northwest wall. He has given me much encouragement and knowledge on how to run one's SL endeavors. Dano, my thanks for your patronage, kindness, and encouragement.

Ms. Chastity DeCuir

Ms. DeCuir is my lovely and loving wife, who has given me time away from her side to follow my dream of building this Museum. In addition to the gift of time, she has built several items for the museum, the donation box and the rotating artistic box on the Garden Level, southwest corner. She also donated time and help in the Museum's final phase of development prior to opening, helping with research on the Mello Bonetto Picasso's finding their names, and data details for proper identification. She also helped me with my advertising campaign for the Museum and arranged the live sculpture and dance balls that were available at the Gala Opening. Additionally, she has contributed monetary donations to the Museum, helping with the advertising costs for opening night. My love, I thank you, Atty.

Mr. Mello Bonetto

Mr. Bonetto has kindly lent his Personal Private Collection of Van Gogh and Picasso's to the Museum. These lovely pieces may be found on the Second Level, north and east walls. With the loaning of this collection, he helped me enlarge my collection of RL Masters and encouraged me to further purchase RL Master works of Rubens, Michelangelo, and Da Vinci.

His artistic talents can also be found in the lovely landscaping of the Museum's Gardens and Grove, a must see and a very romantic spot for proposing to your love or having your SL nuptials. Be SURE to set your view to Midnight as this is a viewing is not to be missed.

Ms. Pateagle Amat

Ms. Amat's patronage has come in various forms of donation of personal time, sculpture art, and ancient vases. The rotating spiral sculpture in the Grove is a On Lend from Ms. Amat and she has donated the ancient vases found on the First Level and is part of the element of this floor. Another donated items was the lovely Japanese letter sculpture that allowed me to have the live sculpture that was for viewing on opening night. She also IM'd me the week prior to the opening and volunteered to be put to work on whatever project that I needed working on, she helped identify all the Van Gogh canvasses with proper names and descriptions, which are a part of the Mello Bonetto Collection, she helped me send out invitations to the pre-opening events, and gave me emotional support by just being a fantastic friend...thanks my love!

Ms. Taranae Rhode

Ms. Rhode is also my wife and has gladly given up personal time with me allowing me to work on the Museum. In addition to this, Ms. Rhode is also Vice President of Public Relations and on formal occasions you may find her greeting you upon arrival. She also donated time in the final push to open the Museum on time, and is my official proofreader. Thanks for all your help my dear.

Ms. Magdalena Cazalet

Ms. Cazalet also gave up many hours of personal time with me, while she was my wife allowing me to work on the Museum during my log on times. Additionally, she has donated the beautiful Dragon feature fountain in the gardens. Ms. Cazalet also introduced me to blogging and inadvertently she started me on the path to building the Museum as it was the extraction for my first blog that began the Museum. She has also spent many hours lending a shoulder for me to moan on and an ear listening to all the stress of opening the Museum. Maggie, thanks my dear.

Ms. Marissa LeFabvre

Ms. LeFabvre spent many hours helping me with rebuilding the flooring of the Museum helping me free up prims, teaching me how to detail my work, and how to rotate textures to match the lines, and contours of existing textures. She also built my east and west stairwells, adding the fancy flooring to the stairwells on the Third Floor. Without your help Mari, my Museum would not be quite as beautiful, my sincere thanks.

Sir Malick

Sir Malick is my neighbor in Eunpyung and came over to view my building efforts while it was in the basic, unpolished stages. He kindly popped over to introduce him and his lovely partner and offered to help if he could. Several weeks later, I took him up on his offer and he mentored me on the building techniques of windows and two-way glass. The lovely widows on the First Level are a direct result of his tutoring. He also donated a lovely surprise on Patron's night, a gift of fireworks. He also allowed me to borrow the pyrotechnics's on opening night for the viewing pleasure of all my guests. We are also partnering in an endeavor that will boost the Gallery's offering of textures and pictures, but this will be discussed in another blog entry.

Mr. Pat Wunderland

Mr. Wunderland is a mentor through the introduction of Mr. Zaknafien Barbosa. Mr. Wunderland owns the lovely Blue Tattoo Dance Club, which he built himself. He kindly taught me precision building, also known as building by numbers, and how to attach a single texture to a single face of a prim. He also advised that I should always use .5 meter thickness to all walls and flooring. All his advice I took and the results have made the Museum the beautiful build that you may view today.

Mr. Zaknafien Barbosa

Mr. Barbosa was the first Patron to donate a photograph to the gallery along with his friend Ms. Valeria Pera. Mr. Barbosa's donation is the self-portrait that can be viewed from the entrance on the First Level. This donation was given when the crooked walls and sidewalks still existed. Thanks for your trust and belief that this Elf could make a go of that god-awful looking first try at building walls and floors!

Ms. Valeria Pera

Ms. Pera accompanied Mr. Barbosa to see my "progress" on the Museum on the day she too, donated a self-portrait, which may be seen on the First Level from the entrance. This photograph was the second donated piece that the Museum received. My thanks Val!

Ms. Ailenor Laval

Ms. Laval has lent to the Museum a lovely Monet which may be viewed on the Second Level of the Museum. However, the piece was originally labeled as a Van Gogh. Ms. Amat said she thought it was a Monet, but could not find conclusive proof of this on the Internet or in any in any of her personal art books. The Museum ran its first competition on this painting for proper identification. The competition began and ended on Patron's night when Ms. Marci Masala correctly identified the painting as Charles Monet's "Waterlillies" and provided concrete proof. In doing so, she won the Museum's first competition and L$2,000. Thanks both to Aile for the On Lend and to Marci for the identification of this lovely work of art.

Ms. Murron Rossini

Ms. Rossini is an accomplished artiste in her own right and is also a neighbor of mine in Eunypung. She is the creative genius behind Reality Designs. In the course of the final month of preparing for the opening, I had the opportunity to visit with her during one of my breaks from the work at the Museum and bemoaned that I did not have a script for my donation box. She gladly gave me the script she used for her donation box. Thank you Murr for the donation.

Mr. Wick Wylie

Mr. Wylie is an awesome scripter. He owns a night club in SL and he has a scripted avatar there that spins his tunes and playing the requests from his guests. Through a request from one of his regulars, Zaknafien Barbosa, he donated to the Museum a microphone that allows the wearer to shout, and look good while doing it. Thanks Mr. Wylie for the gift.

Ms. Dominique May

Ms. May is a talented SL creator and kindly donated the lamp post that is in the Garden beside the two benches that sit back to back. This gift was unexpected, however greatly appreciated, thank you.

Mr. Drathon Montague

Although listed last on this long list of patrons, his donation's to the Museum is not small nor has it gone unnoticed. Half-way through the building process, when my walls were finally straight he pops over the Museum with the lovely gift of the sidewalks that may be view upon arrival to the Museum. The paving stones say: "A single rose can be my garden, a single friend my whole world." In addition to this donation he also has donated several scripts to the Museum for the notecard box, a script to read the individual lines on a script, and support during the second to last week before the opening. This week was tumultuous for my SL family and his support during this time is deeply appreciated.

In addition to the mentioned donations above, he entrusted me with his scripted art during the very beginning of my build when confidence of my abilities of builder was definitely in question as he lent "Houston" and "Lunar Month" and at the time I had crooked walls and floors. For this trust, I am eternally grateful and from my heart, I say: "Thanks Drath!"

None of my Patrons have given any of their various donations with anything but in the spirit of SL community and giving a hand up to a new SL resident. They gave these donations without a thought of thanks or recognition. It gives me great pleasure to recognize each of you in this blog.

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