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Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Place for SL Events That is Formal, but Not the Office

Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery is a place of beauty it is also a place that may be rented if you have a special party, want to impress business associates, have a wedding, or have your wedding reception.

The Museum may be rented as only the grove, first level, or the entire Museum entirety. What are your renting in addition to the museum? You will need to fill out a notecard letting Atlantis Jewell know what your needs are such as: DJ, dance floor, dance poseballs, adult pavilions *), decorations for a seasonal party, table for a business meeting, hostesses for your event, etc.

The daily rates for the grove without shutting down the museum for minimum of a 3-hours rental is $2,500. Includes setting up the grove to your requirements, and shutting it down during your event to those who are not invited.

The daily rate for the first level is $5,500 for a minimum of 3-hour event. This includes meeting your requirements for your event, shutting down the First Level to other guests while allowing those guests to wander on other floors, and darkening the floor above for your event so incoming guests are not bothering you by walking on the floors.

The daily rate for the entire Museum is $10,500 and this includes shutting down the entire museum and grove to visitors except those on your invite lists, setting up the floors to meet your needs for your event for 24-hours.

All Museum rentals requires 100 percent down payment with one weeks notice of cancellation prior to the event to obtain a 75 percent refund, 25 percent non-refundable.

If you cancel with less then one week for your event the refunds rates are: 6-day notice 65 percent, 5-day notice 55 percent, 4-day notice 30 percent, 3-day notice 15 percent, and 1-2 days before the event only a 10 percent refund.

In world IM Atlantis Jewell to arrange your magical event at Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery.

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