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Monday, November 5, 2007

Winter Has Come to Elven Enchantment

The weather person was correct in its prediction of early snow and Elven Enchantment has been dumped upon...the ponds are frozen over, the snow pixies whirl around the Museum and snow drifts are everywhere.

However, there is something sizzling hot at Elven Enchantment and that is our "Not All Pixels Are Created Equal" canvasses on the Garden Level, featuring our first male model in various stages of dress and undress.

For the optimal impact when teleporting in and walk straight to the "Snow Horses" and take a left walking clockwise around the gardens. There are over twenty canvasses celebrating the Second Life men in their handsome, clothes and tattoos.

The model wishes privacy so please do not ask for a name as one will not be forthcoming. After that enjoy a walk around the winter wonderland that is in the grove. Bring your skates and skate around the ice rink.

Be sure to bring your warm clothes because it's cold outside!

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