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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Big Vote of Thanks to JamesT

The SL-Newspaper is owned by JamesT Juno and has a fantastic eNewspaper on his website: and a wonderful blog where he reports Second Life, events, news stories, focus on people, and many varied stories.

He has featured several articles on his Events, M.A.C.E., and Explore sections of his newspaper. As a vote of thanks on your next visit to Elven Enchantment pick up a SLurl to his RL website from the newstand! Thats right folks, you can now come to the museum sit down and read the SL Newspaper, where you can find all the happening news on Second Life and whose opening new stores, reviews on products, and which club is opening.

Thanks JamesT for the space in this week's M.A.C.E. section and for the readers of this blog you may read it at: .

We also have a a newstand at Digital Knight Scripted Art Studio so if your not up for the museum go buy some scripted are and read the paper there!!

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