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Friday, November 9, 2007

Elven Enchantment Incorporation

Elven Enchantment is now a registered corporation in RL and very exciting things are to come for the new company.

The first new thing for Elven Enchantment is that the land that the Museum and Art Gallery sits upon is going to be solely owned by Elven Enchantment as of November 25, 2007. Dano Singh the current landlord has been a rock of support for this museum as it was painstakingly put together and has been a huge help in his encouragement of purchasing the land from his SL company Singh Holdings. In fact, he sold all of his SL property except the land upon which Elven Enchantment sits and he hesitated to put it on the market for fear someone else would not be as passionate about the Museum as he and would cause the Museum to close due to higher rent.

Dano Singh is a Patron of the Museum and Art Gallery and a man of integrity, and it has been a wonderful five months that I have worked with him and he has worked very hard to obtain prims for the Museum and has always dropped whatever he was doing to answer my questions about this or that.

When the final touches were added to the Museum just before September 1, 2007 for the Gala Opening, Dano was amazed at the transformation and very enthusiastically loaned a piece of his personal art, "Twins" to the Museum for display until December 2007. This loan fleshed out the art on display on the First Level. He also introduced to me some artiste's whose beautiful wildlife photos are displayed next to the "Twins" and helped me finalize the art on this level of the Museum.

Mr. Dano Singh has been a huge blessing to Elven Enchantment and believed in my vision even when I was learning how to build as fast as my fingers would allow me to make prims! To Dano...your the best!

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