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Friday, November 9, 2007

Premier Art Exhibition at Elven Enchantment

The Museum is very proud to host its first exhibition featuring the Fractal Art of Sprial Silverstar. Mr. Silverstar is a fractal artiste is RL and one of his pieces on display for premier exhibition has been displayed in RL at an art exhibition in Italy.

What is Fractal Art? Perhaps you would call it "modern" art and dismiss it. However, I find that it grabs your attention and draws you into the picture and captivates your passion. Fractal art consists of an indefinite number of spirals and circles using mathematical equations to give you the proper distance from one sprial to the next. That is the simple lay person view on this art. For a more technical overview please see Fractal Art...What is it? in this blog. As the artiste, Mr. Silverstar must choose the color combinations that really make this art truly unique and beguiles the viewer.

Elven Enchantment Art Gallery will be selling an Original and a Limited Edition Series from the Art Gallery and a special certificate of authenticity (COA) commemorating this Exhibition as the premier show that the Museum hosted will be put in each piece of work sold for the duration of the Exhibition. There will be two or three pieces chosen to be multi-copy sold from the Museum for the duration of the exhibition and there will be COAs also put in these for the duration of the exhibition. Once the Exhibition is over the COAs will be removed from the multi-copies and the artwork will be available from Mr. Silverstar's gallery.

The other pieces that are for the exhibition may be purchased from Mr. Silverstar's own gallery and a LM will be available to all those who are interested.

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