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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fractal Art...What is It?

What are fractals? What is fractal art?

Simply put, fractals are shapes which show similar features at different sizes. Much as a very close inspection of a rock can show similar features to an aerial view of a mountain, fractal shapes are characterized by this property of self-similarity.

Much of what goes into fractals is based on mathematics. Sometimes the math is complicated; sometimes it isn't. But you do not need to know or understand the mathematics behind the art to appreciate it. The basic images are created using fractal generating software.

There are some who will feel that if this is all just based on mathematics, that it cannot be art. Fractal art does not pop out of nowhere, mathematics notwithstanding. To produce an aesthetically pleasing fractal image requires enormous input on the part of the artist. It also requires patience, and an eye for form and color—skills that are required for virtually any artistic discipline. (Damien Jones)

Can't Anyone produce fractal art? The simple answer is Yes. However, Anyone can buy a camera and take snapshots, but very few can produce photographs that can be appreciated as art.

The images created for this exhibition and in my own gallery were made using the Ultra Fractal and Fractal Explorer software programs, with post-processing work done in Photoshop.

I hope you enjoy my work and realize that the finished products here are not simply the result of clicking a few random buttons. Thanks for taking an interest in my art, my passion.

Spiral Silverstar

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