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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Highlight Tour of Second Life Art Galleries...Part 1

Relaxing enjoying SL art!
I had such a great time exploring the Halloween sims, that I have decided to compile a Highlight Tour of Second Life Art Galleries.  I am using the Gallery Tour HUD and the sub-titled:  Galleries.

The first stop was a bust, but worth it as the second stop was the Dreamscapes Art Gallery.  This gallery deals only in Second Life artwork by Carlotta Caewlin.  You can find furniture with art in too!  The scenes range from spooky to serene and peaceful!  A must visit!

A fantastic experience is Primtings!  The artiste's take a real life painting and design a 3d "prim painting!"  It's fantastic!  I remember a similar sim when I first entered SL, but the name of the sim was different.  This is a fun experience and puts a new twist on "making art come alive."

Lesson in Anoobtomy, Rembrandt
The artiste's give a sample of the original artwork next to the 3d Primtings!  Some of the Primtings allow you to be part of the picture!

Be sure to visit all the floors!  A must see stop on your art gallery tour!

The Toy's Ary Gallery is an eclectic grouping of Real Life (RL) and Second Life (SL) artwork.

It is set in a castle-like structure in the sky.  You walk up a smokey clear sidewalk and you can see the sky below you.  You enter the gallery's first level and there are lovely paintings on display.

On Top of the "Toy Art Gallery"
As you walk up the spiral stairs to the next levels, stay in the middle of the walkway  as the railing and column are not solid as you would think and you could fall through it.  The photos on the third level urge you to touch them to find out more about them, so I did as they compelled me, and found out where the photos were shot and how they were prepared before they were hung in the gallery!  

The Grass Gnome is my favorite by far!  This is a must see art gallery!  (My only suggestion for this gallery would be to add a teleporter!)

At Nuance the artiste combines SL/RL art with uplifting poems.  The poems make you think, feel the art, allowing it to sink into your psyche and dwell in your soul!  Art should change the beholder, here at Nuance the artiste lifts up your spirit and encourages you to fly again!  It's been so long since my soul has flown!

Avalon Art District
The Avalon Art District is set on a very laggy sim and some of the sim is under construction.  The artwork available for viewing are paintings utilizing modern art methods, statuary, and interesting lights!

The flooring on the levels above the first floor are oval and the corners are empty and you can lag and fall through.

On display is a big book of art called the 77 Million Paintings, the SL version AngryBeth Shortbread, concept by Brian Eno; the Real Life premiere in San Francisco will run concurrently in Second Life.

The second floor has modern and contemporary art along with SL artwork!  A quiet spot to take in some peaceful artwork!

Note from the Author:  Visiting these galleries will take awhile and I have a new project that is jumping out of my skin!  So I will try to visit several galleries each month!  Watch out for updates on my next project!

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