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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Goodbye to an Era of Second Life Art

Time in Second Life (SL) goes by very fast and art galleries and museums come and go very quickly, however, some art galleries and museums have staying power, and it is very sad to see them close their doors.  For whatever reason, sometimes RL interrupts SL lives or this recession makes financial hard ships on the owners of the properties.

Proof I was there in the last days!  So sad!
The ZRM Gallery is closing it's doors on November 12th.  This gallery is home to some famous artiste's such as Serenity Questi, whose name I have heard in the SL art community for many years.  The ZRM Gallery has been in SL for four years.

Serenity Questi is a fractal artiste and after viewing her artwork, I like it!  It is not the same as Spiral's, but still has a draw to the imagination!  It triggers a flicker in your peripheral vision, as if something is darting by, but you can't quite see it or decide just what it is you saw!

Merranda Ginssberg, Pamela Moonkill,  Fuschia Nightfire, Dacob Paine, Harter Fall, among others also make this gallery home.  Below some of the art, on the first floor, are teleport (TP) buttons so you can TP to the floor that that particular artiste is showing on.

All the artwork here in this gallery is quality art and it's a shame that this gallery is closing it's doors!  Come by before the end of an era in SL galleries!

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