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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Picture Perfect Second Life

I mentioned at the end of my post "Highlight Tour" article, that I had a personal project screaming to be done! I am traveling through Second Life (SL) looking for picture perfect SL pictures.  That means that the pictures have not been touched up by PhotoShop or any other software that can touch up photos, but came from my camera just like you seen them on Flickr.  

A Sky Elf Blending!
All picture perfect pictures will be featured on Flickr, which will be the first for Elven Enchantment Art Review!

The rejected pictures will be available for viewing on my Facebook (FB) photo albums or decorating my articles here!  (As always there are links to all my FB pictures at the bottom of my blog!)

This will be an ongoing project so you will want to join my in-world group or follow me on Twitter so that you can keep up to date with my photography project!

Some of the sims that I visit may be art sims and if they are worthy of being listed in my Highlight of Art Galleries, then you will find them there!

Otherwise, you can email for details on the places you wish to visit in SL from viewing the Flickr pcitures!  Eventually, the photos on Flickr will be available to purchase via the SL's Market Place, however, if you absolutely must have a picture before any one else... email please!

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