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Friday, October 28, 2011

3D Art

Juggling the Solar System!
It's always exciting to see new art and the 3D artwork that is now in Second Life (SL) is incredible mix of graphics and scripting!  

The University of Western Australia in SL is hosting 3D art and they have a little competition going on, you the people of SL can vote for your favorite piece.  My absolute favorite piece is by an interactive 3D where you hop on a poseball and suddenly you are juggling the solar system!  There is 3D Halloween art to big bugs!

The University is hoping you will come by tonight and see the art and cast your vote!  The votes will be tallied and announced on Sunday, October 30th!

Some art is abstract, interpretative, interactive, and some that makes absolutely no sense, except to the artiste, some are gentle and others harsh, but there is something for every taste!  A must visit is to the 3D interactive of "My World," by Secret Rage.  Excellent and thought provoking!  

There is also dark and sad, happy and grotesque, but as in life not everything is peaches and cream.  There are honest pieces and deceptive ones, but this is a MUST see art sim!  Be patient as the sim is laggy because of so many active scripts, it is worth the frustration!

My friend Spiral has several pieces entered!  I recognized his work even before I saw his name on the voting boxes!  His "Drawn to the Dream" is magnificent! (And it is one that I must have in my collection of SL art!)

There are 99 wonderful artiste's exhibiting on this sim!  This is a MUST see!

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