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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Best of Halloween in Second Life

Darkness Falls @Pandemonium, Second Life
Creepy.  Spooky.  Scary.  These are what you look for when you want to be scared out of your wits, but can you really get creeped out, after all you are behind a computer!!  Darkness Falls @Pandemonium gave me goosebumps and chills up and down my spine.

The howling wind, moaning cries, and little gnome children playing hide and seek and the lighting effects are truly scary.  A bonus for me was that it hit the creep factor of my basement of the house where I grew up in in Real Life...a truly creepy place!

Enjoy all my creepy pictures on my Facebook album!  This blogger gives this sim two thumbs up!

Island of Fear Haunted Mansion

A good scare preys on our phobias!  This haunted mansion for me was some creepy fun! The wind howling around the mansion; poltergeist girl watching the telly and floating around the house, rats, spiders and clowns! Floating beds and man eating plants!  Blood everywhere and special effects as you sit in the chairs!

And monsters head, skulls, and trapdoors to bemuse and confuse.  This adventurer gives this mansion two thumbs up!

Grimm Shores
With wolves howling and raining brimstone, Grimm Shores is a fun and spooky place.  There is an insane asylum, a haunted house and a spooky boat ride!  The mountains look like they might gush with lava flows at any moment!  

Skulls float in the water indicating that it is too hot to jump into, but it looks so cool!  There is a treasure hunt for you to complete and fun gifts to find!  Enjoy taking special Halloween pictures with your friends!  This is a must visit on your list of haunted sims, I give it two thumbs up!

Who Killed Pixeleen?  Taunt, Second Life
Murder and mayhem is the order of the day on this sim.  Don't think that your HUD isn't working properly because you have to find the clues and the story pages on the sim!  It's a mystery to solve!  Surrounded by fabulous October colors and dark scary skulls and the grim reaper!  Regardless if you solve the mystery or not, the sim is a spooky and grim place to explore!

Along the way you find Halloween gifts from the sim's sponsors.  Bring your friends, solve the mystery and be a "meddling kid!"

Siren Haunted Trail

This haunted trail/maze was the first one that I visited to actually rez for me.  Spiders, skeletons, and ghosts come out to play.  Fun picture taking opportunities to be had here!  Land in Stonehenge and enjoy the maze!
HelloHallows 20XX

When you land here and the land spot rezzes, you will think there is nothing scary to see here, I dare you to click the Halloween pumpkin and see where you go!  A fun, spooky sim where anything can happen!  Most enjoyable!

Sherwood Haunted Forest

This place is truly spooky!  There is nothing that I fear and hate more in Real Life then fog! Imagine my pulse racing when you can barely see through this haunted forest!  This sim is mature and there are some poseballs for all those ghouls who want to "do it" in a cemetery!  
This adventurer rates this spot... SPOOKY!

The Haunted Forest
There is an almost mystical quality about this haunted forest almost as if you were expecting the druids to arise from their sleep and chase the spiders, spirits away and lay to rest the skeletons!

There is a haunted swamp and pumpkin carousel hidden in the forest!

Bloodmoon Haunted Motel
Horror, Grim Reaper, Ghosts, then the most fearful... choose a door if you dare!  What is behind them?  You must come and find out!  Definitely a scare is in store for you!

Looking down the long hallway with even more closed doors with horrible conclusions, this adventurer got the ebbie jeebies and left to see who much scarier the cemetery would be!

With crows calling to one another that prey was in sight and the werewolves howling and the grim reaper following me, it's definitely a spooky place to be!

I felt a little like Little Red Riding Hood as I ambled through the forest!  Grab a friend when you visit here!

I rate this spot SPOOKY!

Halloween Trivia Hunt from AUL Music Gardens
This sim is lag free which was a wonderful thing!  If you love treasure hunts and trivia this is the place for you! All the trivia refers to some aspect of Halloween.  The gifts given are excellent!  Bring your friends and enjoy some Halloween fun!

Spookyville:  Welcome to my Nightmare 2011
Parking in the parking lot are ghosts and their trucks and cars and the grim reaper with his carriage of death!  An insane asylum, haunted house, and cemetery invoke all the creepiness of Halloween!

Arcane Delights
Arcane Delights lives up to its name as it was a delightful discovery of Second Life art combined with the spookiness of Halloween.  This discovery reminded me of my own museum and art gallery!  Well done!

There is a contest going on at the moment of In-World untouched photos only and they are on display from October 24-31st and the winner will be announced on October 28th!  So you have an amazing SL photo that you want to share... do contact belladonna Enchanted!

Beware that the drawbridge is down for a reason... don't go outside.... CREEPY!

A must see for Second Life art lovers!

A Note from Atlantis Jewell:  Many of you will be wondering why I included a Best Of list of sims celebrating Halloween!  One of the arts in Second Life is Sim building, it's difficult as the textures have to just right as do the castles, trees or that dying flower.  

We take for granted the sims that we explore and travel through; the artiste's of the sims are unsung and I felt needed a spotlight!  I hope that you have a wonderful and safe Halloween and dare to be scared!

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