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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Art to Wear

Artwork takes on a new form in Second Life with the ability to purchase clothing, which in of themselves is artwork, but this artiste takes artwork one step further... a painting transformed into a dress, evening wear, and night wear!

Chrysanthemums, Pierre Renior (1841-1919) painted circa. 1881/82
For example, Renoir painted a painting called, Chrysanthemums painted circa. 1881/82.  The painting is just beautiful!  Now, Thera Taurog takes this painting and makes clothing with it!

Additionally, she takes paintings by Dali, Rembrandt, and Georgia O'Keefe, to name a few, and turns them into beautiful works of art to wear!

Thera Taurog's shop is set in an absolutely beautiful build of the Four Season's Plaza, which is beautifully done in white marble, has beautiful stone carvings, artwork, and statuary gracing grounds and is a totally understated  and elegant. 

The clothing we wear in Second Life is an form of art all by itself.  Most clothiers use PhotoShop to make their clothing and upload it to Second Life... I have tried making clothes and it's hard... I have also made prim clothing and that's just as hard... even with a machine!

So when I see beautiful artwork combined with the art of making clothing!  I am stunned and delighted by the results.  It's a must see to purchase and wear!

Dress:  by Thera Taurog

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