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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dancing in Second Life

Dance like nobody's looking is a great piece of advice and in Second Life everyone can dance!  However, the magic in our dancing can be contributed to the talented Scripters who create poseballs, dance Heads Up Displays, (HUDs), and animations.

Dancing is a bit different in then in Real Life.  In order to animate our pixels you have to have a set of commands to move that pixel body!  Those commands are supplied by scripts and stuffed into poseballs.  The avie then hops on the poseball and dances.

Dancing using my Huddles HUD
Another set of instructions are put into a HUD and attaches to your computer screen and then you can animate your own avie and up to six other avatars with dances from your HUD!  

Additionally, the dance animations are made up of a series of movements some as small as putting your hands in the air or side stepping. These movements are created in an animation software, uploaded to Second Life, where you can purchase them and put them into your HUD.

Where do you go to dance?  Why any club in Second Life have dance floors, private homes, and whenever you get Ruthed!  

Although we are only pixels you can be surprised by the romance in dancing with your sweetie!  Enjoy your perfect dance moves!


  1. Any form of dance you wish it to be from jazz, hip hop, to ballroom, to erotic... it all depends on the dances you purchase for your huddles HUD!