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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Music is the oldest art form; our Mothers and Fathers sang to us and maybe to each other, and we sing to our own children, and grand kids; we pay to attend concerts, operas, and enjoy free concerts in the park.

In Second Life, the first set of musical instruments that I saw were the Elven drum and wind instruments.  The first club that newbies went to was The Edge.  We enjoy concerts, theater, and ballets. 

Mankind Tracer performance at Sweet Whispers
You can find many types of music genres in Second Life and you might enjoy them and you may not.  There are DJs and live performers, such as Mankind Tracer and so many different types of clubs: women only and men only clubs, vampire and goth clubs, furry and "other" clubs, men and women clubs, strip clubs, dungeons, and casinos; and all have music.

There are clubs catering to jazz, easy listening, pop, steampunk, goth and death metal, rock-n-roll, classical, country western, country rock, opera, house, and much more in the clubs across Second Life.

Some clubs do not care what you wear, but places like Avalon, ladies must be in ball gowns and gents in suits, tuxedos or formal dress from yesteryear!

The most famous and the oldest rock club in Second Life is "The Edge" this club welcomes newbies and oldies alike to enjoy dancing and music.  The Edge closed for a while, but it's now reopened a great place to rock out with your friends!

Mankind Tracer - Live Performance

I had the privileged of seeing Mankind Tracer perform at Sweet Whispers he has a great voice and sang easy listening tunes both popular and his own music.  The performer links into the sims radio stream and performs live, singing and in Mankind's instance playing the guitar beautifully!  Mankind takes request, but you must choose something off his playlist, which is listed at the venue!

Mankind has performed for five years in Second Life and has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award 2011 for Outstanding Contributions to Second Life.

In real life, Mankind Tracer is Seth Regan and his music can be found on his website, Itunes,, etc.  He is music style is mellow and romantic.  His concert would be a great place to take your sweetie for a special night out on the town!

Music is part of our Second Life and thanks to the many venues that support live performers such as Sweet Whispers, everyone can enjoy great performances!

Author's Note:  Clubs filled with lots of people, are also full of lag, but it's so worth it!

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