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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Old Second Life Art

Riding the Wasp at Svarga
There is art and old art in Second Life and the old art uses the original primitives only and it also has been in Second Life for many, many years!  Svarga translates as heaven and Svarga is a haven for newbies who don't wish to hang out at clubs while the get their Second Life feet.

The Svarga, that I revisited last night, is not the exact same sim that I saw when I first came into Second Life, as that sim closed and either reopened under new management or the original sim owner didn't include it's elevator to the stars when he put the sim back up! However, my trip back "home" to Svarga was a pilgrimage of mixed emotions.  This was a happy place and to come back to it by myself made me sad!

A Sky Elf hiding in the foliage
Svarga is a great example of the art of building in SL; using only the basic building blocks to make everything that you see from the trees, rocks, flowers, ponds, and sea, this Island represents the earliest of the sim building techniques in Second Life, there are no flexiprims, no mesh, and no sculpties.

There are however, brilliant examples of architecture, textures, and imagination! There is an old time cave, damaged Stargate, SL library, mediation room, particle effects, including moving flowers, light, fire, and fireflies, statuary, and an automated ride around the sim while you are told a short story of the Island.  There is a special building which features the original set of Elven drums.  There is a well that will tell your fortune if you make a wish and toss L$25 into it!

New skyline for Svarga using the Environmental editor
Although this sim celebrates old primitives, the pictures were taken with the new environmental editor for the sky and water, making it look like a new sim!  Most of the pictures were taken at night under a very romantic moon, but some of them were taken at night, morning, and under foggy skies.

As a photographer in search of the Picture Perfect Second Life, the environmental editor is addictive to use and makes you take a lot more pictures then you ever plan on.

Svarga is a photographers paradise and this reviewer gives it two thumbs up!

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