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Monday, January 2, 2012

Highlight Tour of Second Life Art Galleries, Part 2.5

The floor of the first floor at Crossworld Gallery
Crossworld Gallery

The next stop on my art tour is Crossworld Gallery and it lives up to its name by having over thirteen floors of Real Life and Second Life artwork. The Second Life fantasy artwork of Gee Noel is spectacular! 

Pixivore Allen display's her RL acrylic paintings of lush, vibrant flowers painted from her travels in Asia and Africa. At first, you think that the flowers are second life, but upon closer inspection, just fabulous paintings!  Kirle Adamski is a RL artist and uses watercolor as her medium and the colors and style are vibrant, abstract and lovely!  My new fantastic discovery is Sledge Roffo his artwork is called primigary and it's absolutely beautiful!  The colors are stunning and wonderful!  His artwork is located on the fifteenth floor!

Julia Gray uses people as part of her artwork blending them in as part of the scene, these brilliant paintings can be found on the forth floor and is an absolute treat to view!  Right around the corner from Julia are fantastic paintings of jungle animals in vibrant colors and majesty by Gamini Ratnavira.

The gallery itself is made up of floating spheres above the sim. The floors are styled differently giving them a distinct flavor to match the paintings and their artists.  One portion of the floor is clear allowing you a glimpse of that is below!  (My favorite type of floor!)

Art of Destiny, Crossworld Gallery
In my personal opinion, no art gallery is truly complete without beautiful, relaxing gardens.  My visitation to the Art of Destiny gardens were wonderful!  Your TP'ed facing two huge replicas of the "Lord of the Rings" statues on either side of the stream and so begins a great time of taking Picture Perfect Second Life photos!

Crossworld Gallery has a variety of artists using many different mediums such as:  oil, acrylic, watercolor, digital media, 3D, scripted/interactive, ink and pencil, stained glass, and photography to name a few.   There is also a wide use of styles such as:  contemporary, abstract, post-modern impressionism to list make a very short list.  This Gallery is not to be missed and get two thumbs up!

Author's Note:  This is a gallery virtually lag free!

Another Note from the Author:  This gallery closed on January 3, 2012.


  1. So sad that the gallery is down, now. A great place, great artists and enthusiastic gallery owners. SL will be missing a wonderful project.

  2. I enjoyed the closing party at the Jazz Club... I am happy to have had the chance to see it, thank you for providing SL with great beauty!