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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Highlight Tour of Second Life Art Galleries...Part 2

Cadeling Gardens, Second Life
I am back on the gallery tour and my first stop was to view Indulgence and the Designz Gallery and the post-modern art of Leigh Quartz.  The artwork here is a fine example of mixed media.

It takes a lot for me to say that I think a new fractal artist can compete with my friend Spiral Silverstar, however, I have discovered that Milly Sharple's fractal art is as passionate as Spiral's, but of course, Milly has her own style, but the important part is that she is passionate about her artwork!  She display's her artwork on a corner wall with lovely furniture along with urns that match the artwork!  This is a must see on the Gallery tour. Additionally, Milly's gallery is surrounded by a lovely beach setting with the sounds of the ocean waves crashing against the beach! A big two thumbs up on the low lag at this gallery!

Adapt or Perish, Originalia
I skipped ahead of my HUD tour to the Originalia, Adapt or Perish and it's a lovely garden with poetry about the Goddess throughout this garden are magical creatures, enchanting trees with thumbprints on them, which reminds us that the Goddess made us all unique!

The Goddess made light and dark; as you descend into Chaos, remember that if we don't start treating Mother Earth with respect she will unleash devastation on us all as punishment for our greed! A must see on this gallery tour!  Two thumbs up!

My next stop on the regular Gallery Tour is The Art Gallery at the Retreat, Luminoso, which features the 3D artwork of Feathers Boa.  My favorite piece of hers at this Gallery is "Phasmatis Ex Machina 3D."  It is on the first floor and it draws you; from afar the face looks like a Roman centurion, but on closer inspection is a human male slowing being eaten away by technology!

The room on the left as you enter the gallery features wonderful abstract art and statuary.  This type of artwork can be interpreted in 100 different ways because we are each unique and depending on our mood at the moment, can make the interpretations quite different!  My favorite piece in this section is "Oceans of Light" and it does take scripted/interactive art  to new heights!

The room on the right of the landing spot has dynamic artwork!  My favorite piece here is the center sculpture, "Chaos #5 Artist Chris Hill ww."  This gallery is not to be missed!  It's relatively lag free!

My last stop in this section of the Highlight Tour is Trill's Art Studio, Artropolis, she is Gwen Penner in Real Life and is a Graphic Artist and Illustrator.  I love finding unique artwork in Second Life and her art is a wonderful example of that!

Be sure to teleport to the second level where some of Trill's bigger pieces are they are wonderful and not to be missed!  After the second floor, be sure to use the ladders to climb up to view the artwork inspired by Far Eastern influence of India and China.  Touch the artwork to get the names of the art, it helps with the flow of the work as you view!  The last level leads you to a door dare you go through?

Author's Note:  The reason that I go on and on about passionate fractal art is because fractal art is part mathematical equations and I have seen fractal art that I can only describe as precision fractals because they look like someone added 1+1=2, precise fractal math, but no passion!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Linden Endowment for the Arts

Linden Labs have endowed the arts in Second Life (SL), called (you guessed it!) Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA).  The artists who have displayed their art in the LEA Sandbox Self-Curation Gallery and won the admiration of the LEA board, which voted on their work, then the administrator approaches that artiste, and they are offered a quarter sim for three months!

This patronage by Linden Labs has opened up a whole new aspect to the art in SL!  I happened to be In-World this afternoon when Tyrehl Byk's announcement came over the Art and Artist Network that his "Catharsis" was open for viewing and it would only be open for 24 minutes!  This is an absolute must see!

When you are In-World, search LEA under places you will find many sims and they are named LEA6, LEA 8, etc.  A description is on the teleport page and if it appeals to you definitely go and check it out!

I have added the LEA blog to my blog roll!  Enjoy the new and innovative Second Life art!

Picture Perfect Second Life

I mentioned at the end of my post "Highlight Tour" article, that I had a personal project screaming to be done! I am traveling through Second Life (SL) looking for picture perfect SL pictures.  That means that the pictures have not been touched up by PhotoShop or any other software that can touch up photos, but came from my camera just like you seen them on Flickr.  

A Sky Elf Blending!
All picture perfect pictures will be featured on Flickr, which will be the first for Elven Enchantment Art Review!

The rejected pictures will be available for viewing on my Facebook (FB) photo albums or decorating my articles here!  (As always there are links to all my FB pictures at the bottom of my blog!)

This will be an ongoing project so you will want to join my in-world group or follow me on Twitter so that you can keep up to date with my photography project!

Some of the sims that I visit may be art sims and if they are worthy of being listed in my Highlight of Art Galleries, then you will find them there!

Otherwise, you can email for details on the places you wish to visit in SL from viewing the Flickr pcitures!  Eventually, the photos on Flickr will be available to purchase via the SL's Market Place, however, if you absolutely must have a picture before any one else... email please!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Goodbye to an Era of Second Life Art

Time in Second Life (SL) goes by very fast and art galleries and museums come and go very quickly, however, some art galleries and museums have staying power, and it is very sad to see them close their doors.  For whatever reason, sometimes RL interrupts SL lives or this recession makes financial hard ships on the owners of the properties.

Proof I was there in the last days!  So sad!
The ZRM Gallery is closing it's doors on November 12th.  This gallery is home to some famous artiste's such as Serenity Questi, whose name I have heard in the SL art community for many years.  The ZRM Gallery has been in SL for four years.

Serenity Questi is a fractal artiste and after viewing her artwork, I like it!  It is not the same as Spiral's, but still has a draw to the imagination!  It triggers a flicker in your peripheral vision, as if something is darting by, but you can't quite see it or decide just what it is you saw!

Merranda Ginssberg, Pamela Moonkill,  Fuschia Nightfire, Dacob Paine, Harter Fall, among others also make this gallery home.  Below some of the art, on the first floor, are teleport (TP) buttons so you can TP to the floor that that particular artiste is showing on.

All the artwork here in this gallery is quality art and it's a shame that this gallery is closing it's doors!  Come by before the end of an era in SL galleries!

Highlight Tour of Second Life Art Galleries...Part 1

Relaxing enjoying SL art!
I had such a great time exploring the Halloween sims, that I have decided to compile a Highlight Tour of Second Life Art Galleries.  I am using the Gallery Tour HUD and the sub-titled:  Galleries.

The first stop was a bust, but worth it as the second stop was the Dreamscapes Art Gallery.  This gallery deals only in Second Life artwork by Carlotta Caewlin.  You can find furniture with art in too!  The scenes range from spooky to serene and peaceful!  A must visit!

A fantastic experience is Primtings!  The artiste's take a real life painting and design a 3d "prim painting!"  It's fantastic!  I remember a similar sim when I first entered SL, but the name of the sim was different.  This is a fun experience and puts a new twist on "making art come alive."

Lesson in Anoobtomy, Rembrandt
The artiste's give a sample of the original artwork next to the 3d Primtings!  Some of the Primtings allow you to be part of the picture!

Be sure to visit all the floors!  A must see stop on your art gallery tour!

The Toy's Ary Gallery is an eclectic grouping of Real Life (RL) and Second Life (SL) artwork.

It is set in a castle-like structure in the sky.  You walk up a smokey clear sidewalk and you can see the sky below you.  You enter the gallery's first level and there are lovely paintings on display.

On Top of the "Toy Art Gallery"
As you walk up the spiral stairs to the next levels, stay in the middle of the walkway  as the railing and column are not solid as you would think and you could fall through it.  The photos on the third level urge you to touch them to find out more about them, so I did as they compelled me, and found out where the photos were shot and how they were prepared before they were hung in the gallery!  

The Grass Gnome is my favorite by far!  This is a must see art gallery!  (My only suggestion for this gallery would be to add a teleporter!)

At Nuance the artiste combines SL/RL art with uplifting poems.  The poems make you think, feel the art, allowing it to sink into your psyche and dwell in your soul!  Art should change the beholder, here at Nuance the artiste lifts up your spirit and encourages you to fly again!  It's been so long since my soul has flown!

Avalon Art District
The Avalon Art District is set on a very laggy sim and some of the sim is under construction.  The artwork available for viewing are paintings utilizing modern art methods, statuary, and interesting lights!

The flooring on the levels above the first floor are oval and the corners are empty and you can lag and fall through.

On display is a big book of art called the 77 Million Paintings, the SL version AngryBeth Shortbread, concept by Brian Eno; the Real Life premiere in San Francisco will run concurrently in Second Life.

The second floor has modern and contemporary art along with SL artwork!  A quiet spot to take in some peaceful artwork!

Note from the Author:  Visiting these galleries will take awhile and I have a new project that is jumping out of my skin!  So I will try to visit several galleries each month!  Watch out for updates on my next project!