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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Real Art in an Unreal World

The Bridge, Ars Simularca
Ars Simularca is a part of NMC's SL Artist Showcase Island. The big names in Second Life art can be found here such as Sasun Steinbeck, Lea Supermarine, and Cherry Manga to name a few. This sim is best seen at the midnight settings, which is the sim's default setting!

There are interactive pieces of art that you can touch to change the settings, walk on and when you walk on in them like that big ball, the prims, change colors. There is a solar display where you can change the planets with an interactive HUD.

To say that this sim is big, huge is trite, it is awe inspiring, for example one of Lea Supermarine's sculpture's is a big square that is made from 200 tiny squares and connecting rods, it moves slowly and glows from within. There are not words to describe the majesty in these works of art.

The most amazing work of art is the three spheres that have moving pieces within and set to very calming and relaxing music. It's mesmerizing.

Ars Simularca sets next to NMC's Campus West, which is dedicated to some lovely artists and hosts some huge sculptures in the front of the Museum. The most amazing one is the Seraph, she is truly lovely.

These two sims are two thumbs up and not to be missed!

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