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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Beguiled: Art Gallery and Studio

Window of the Soul
There are times in life then the unexpected inspires us. So it was with The Beguiled: Art Gallery and Studio. This sim is laggy, but be patient as the artwork of Jilla Lamar is vibrant and beautiful. What was the most compelling, while waiting for the gallery to rez, were the views from the windows. This gallery has a soul, old and wise.

Jilla Lamar's artwork vibrates with passion, pathos, and enchantment. The vibrant use of colors in the pieces are wonderfully bright, drawing in the viewer to look, gaze and learn something new about themselves.

Most pieces are of Second Life and even recognizing where some of the pictures of the landscapes were taken! The artwork here indeed lives up it the gallery's name, The Beguiled.

Gazing Out, Gazing In

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